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5 Ways You Know You’re In The Right Course

“Did I pick the right course?”

“What if I’ve taken a different path?”

“How do I know I’m not just wasting years of my life?”

At one point in their lives, every student has asked these questions one way or another. And most probably, you do too. That’s why you’re here! While you want to know the answers to these questions to be as easy as typing it in a search bar, the truth is: no one can really answer it for you but yourself.

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Sadly, there are no definite measures that will say you chose the right course or that you missed the mark, but don’t ya worry! The good thing is, there are little things every day when you’re in school or otherwise that can give subtle answers which sounds like a convincing yes.

Ever wonder if you’re in the right degree program? Here are five ways you’d pretty much know you are:

1. You can explain well what your course is about.

When your titos and titas ask what course you’re taking in college, you can expect a follow-up question demanding a detailed explanation of what it’s about, for reals. Students who don’t have a clue what they got themselves into will take forever to answer, but if you’re someone who likes your course, explaining it to others will be such a breeze. Who knows, you might even convince them to let your cousins take it too!

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2. You see things from your course’s perspective.

Ever notice how you start to think the same way your BFFs do? You know, that feeling when you find yourself thinking what they would do in a situation, or what their stand would be about a certain topic.

Likewise, people who are deep into their course cannot not help but put on a lens that give them a unique perspective only students taking that course will understand. Do you ever find yourself thinking in a certain way? Doing things in a different way? It might be your classes taking effect on you!

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3. You look forward to your classes.

When you’re up and early for a 7 AM class, it’s hard not to know that (a) you’re a morning person and (b) you love your course and people don’t even have to ask. Since it’s not necessarily exciting to come to class, being highly motivated just by the thought of learning new things about your field is a pretty good sign you’re in the right course. Don’t you just want to learn so much when you’re interested about something? Keep ‘em up, genius!

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4. You exert extra effort in your acads.

Doing your assignments and studying for an exam are bare minimum. As a student, you’re expected to do those things (read: yes, you are). But doing your assignments and studying for an exam well ahead of time to make sure you excel in it is a dedication you only get when you love what you’re doing. Do you go the extra mile in your acads? If you do, you’re pretty much in the right track!

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5. You’re proud of your course.

Nothing gets more obvious than this: you know you picked the right course when you’re proud of it and you can’t help telling e v e r y o n e about it. You take every chance you get to share it, and it seems like you have a secret mission to persuade people to join you in it. Your titos and titas don’t even have to ask you anymore, they just know. And when the time comes they need someone in your field, you’re definitely the first person they’d call!

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Choosing the right course is no easy decision. It’s like deciding your career path as early as your teenage years! Good thing, you don’t have to do it alone. Ask people you trust, research your options and explore Edukasyon.ph. There’s no doubt, the right course for you is just around the corner!

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