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5 Wellness-Related Careers You Should Consider

Nowadays, as people become more aware of the value of healthy living, you will hear about the increasing demands for healthcare jobs almost everywhere. With the emergence of different health and wellness hubs in the country, more and more people venture into the industry. After all, celebrity fitness enthusiast like Solenn Heusaff seems to be an interesting path to follow.

When it comes to wellness related careers, people often think about gym instructors, yoga gurus, fitness class teachers, or personal trainers. But did you know that job opportunities are not just limited in these professions? There is a range of occupations that you can try to pursue your passion for health. Here are some of the health and wellness careers you probably haven’t heard of:


It may seem like an unrelated field but the truth is, nutritionists play a big role in keeping people healthy and fit. Together with dietitians, nutritionists plan food and nutrition programs required for the particular needs of individuals. They also supervise food preparation and serving to help prevent illnesses, as well as encourage people to develop healthy food habits. There are many schools in the Philippines that offer Nutrition and Dietetics courses like the Benguet State University which is designated as a Center of Development by CHED. To be a registered professional, you must pass first the Nutritionist-Dietitian Licensure Exam.

Physical Education Teacher

If you have a goal of teaching young students improve their physical development, a teaching career in Physical Education might be the best one for you! They promote the importance of exercise and healthy diet to students. They organize events like team and individual sports, routine exercises, as well as recreational activities. A Licensure for Examination for Teachers is required for this profession. Schools like Cebu Normal University, University of Southern Mindanao, and De La Salle University – Dasmariñas offer this program.

Physical Therapist

Assisting people to walk again, or facilitating patients’ recovery from physical impairments are just some of the daily works of Physical Therapists. Commonly referred to as PT, they are licensed healthcare professionals who finished rigorous education, board exam, and trainings. Physical Therapists examine patients and develop exercises and different techniques to strengthen and stretch their muscles, relieve pain, and prevent disability. The Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas and San Pedro College – Davao are just some of the top performing schools in Physical Therapy courses.

Sports Coach

Are you a sports aficionado? Does the sound of taking part in competitions thrill you? Then you should definitely consider a career as a Sports Coach. The essential goal of a coach is to help students or professional athletes realize their full potential. This is done through instruction of the sports discipline, health and lifestyle training, and advice. If you are a senior high school student, you may consider taking the Sports Track. If you want to continue a college degree, the University of Santo Tomas, University of the Philippines, and University of the Cordilleras offer courses in Sports Science.

Fitness Specialist

As a Fitness Specialist, you will develop individual or group activities like strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and stretching. You might apply some of the skills discussed above to achieve one’s overall wellness. Aside from the wellness and fitness related courses, you will also have to pass certifications like the National Strength and Conditioning Association to be certified.


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