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From ‘Hell’ Weeks to ‘Hello’ Weeks

The semester break (or sem break, as Filipino students like to call it) is one of the best times of the year for students. After the so-called ―hell weeks, this is the time for students to get their breath of fresh air; away from deadlines, reports, and final exams. To make every day count here are some things you can do to make the most out of your me-time on this much-deserved sem break.

Road trip and out-of-town vacation

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a break away from the pollution of the metro, and spend quality time with your family and friends. A road trip with music on the background along with a couple of awesome people can make you forget all the sleepless nights you had in the last few months.A change of scenery is definitely relaxing. Not only does it add to the fun with your loved ones but it also rejuvenates the senses. An adrenaline rush would also be great through extreme rides or a new sport!

Tick off two or more from your to-read list

You have been reading a lot in school. But reading something not required or is not meant for a five-page reaction paper definitely feels better, right?Take a book that you find really interesting and read it in your room, by the beach, or in a coffee shop you have been longing to try. Sleepless nights curled up in your bed with a good book is way better than spending wee hours in front of your computer with a bunch of readings you have yet to finish.

Volunteer for a cause

Release those pent up energies from your stressful nights cramming for your final exams. Contribute your talents and resources for those in need. Find a volunteer organization in your community where you can best help with services you can offer. Opportunities to volunteer have emerged in recent weeks because of Typhoon Yolanda. You may also coordinate with government agencies such as the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Remember, too much time sitting in front of your computer is not good for you, too. A little exercise that can do a lot for rebuilding lives of thousands is not much to ask, isn‘t it?


If being around people is not your thing, then why don‘t you try sharing what you have by donating. You can choose between donating goods and old clothes for those who have been hit by the recent disasters.Fix your closet and let go of clothes that are still good to wear. Donate them to those who literally have nothing left but the clothes they were wearing when the floods came rushing into their homes. If doing that still keeps you wanting to go the extra mile and give more, then donate from savings you set aside from your school allowance. Check out the Philippine Red Cross or UNICEF Web sites on how you can donate.

So, don‘t let your sembreak―or any of your idle time, for that matter―be just another hell week. Say hello to good times and start to feel good!

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