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7 Business Courses At Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges

Interested to learn how some businesses thrive and some just barely survive? Searching through business courses and not sure which one you should take up? (Since you’re already here, we’ll assume it’s a yass!)

If the business world excites you, pursuing a business-related course is one of the best choices you can make for yourself. More than just theories and concepts, business courses will equip you with the right skills and knowledge to run and manage your own business someday. 

Since 1957, the Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges (RMMC) has been offering business education courses that train the next business leaders in the country. If you’re from General Santos City in South Cotabato, and you’re deciding which business course to take, then read through these 7 college courses offered in RMMC. You might just find the perfect course for you!

#1 BS Accountancy

Transactions happen every day in business, and keeping it on record is one way to make sure everything is accounted for. Just like when you take note where your daily allowance goes! (Or do you?) If you take up accountancy, you’ll learn different aspects of accounting—from recording to reporting the financial status of a business.

P.S. You’ll learn auditing, taxation, and business law, too. How cool is that?

#2 BS Accounting Information System

Next on the list is a course related to accountancy, the Accounting Information System! Just like an accountancy program, this four-year course will equip you with basic accounting skills; the difference is this course has a specific focus on developing information processes that businesses can use for their financial data. Think data-keeping processes like assisting account preparation, bookkeeping, and managing the staff payroll!

#3 BS Business Administration

Business administration is, probably, one of the more popular business-related courses on this list, and there’s every reason why. This undergraduate program equips students with knowledge on day-to-day business operations, as well as strategies that will make a business thrive amidst a highly competitive business world.

Are you the strategic mind in the barkada who thinks critically and takes risks? This course is perfect for you!

#4 BS Customs Administration

Here’s a fact: every imported product that hits the grocery shelf goes through a long, complex process before it reaches a customer. (And the same thing for exports!) These products go through taxation and other custom laws that people might not know of, but are crucial to both the businesses and the government.

Want to learn more about tariffs, regulation policies, and customs in general? If yes, then taking a Customs Administration course shouldn’t be so taxing for you! (pun intended)

#5 BS Internal Auditing

A good business is a well-audited business. That’s where internal auditors come in! These professionals are a company’s financial watchdogsniffing through the company records to see what the business is doing right and where it’s missing the mark. Simply put, an Internal Auditing course will train you to review and examine business operations, making sure that it’s efficient and effective. Are you up for the challenge?  

#6 BS Management Accounting

What happens when you apply both management and accounting principles in a business? Well, you’ll probably make better company decisions. This four-year course will help you do just that! Management Accounting delves into business policies and systems that will train you to think strategically and work efficiently in a business. Got a risky business venture or an unforeseen situation? Don’t worry, you’ll be prepared for it!  

#7 BS Office Administration

Last but definitely not the least, another business-related course you should consider is Office Administration! Ever wonder how businesses would look like without office managers, secretaries, or clerks around? One word: chaos. This degree program sits you through the knowledge and skills in business management, as well as office processes. You’ll learn how to make sure jobs are getting done without the whole office turning upside down.

P.S. This course will teach you skills in proper filing, shorthand, and stenography. Awesome, right?

The business world is one dynamic environment that can often be daunting for newcomers. You better come prepared! Unleash your inner entrepreneur, and take the right business course for you. 

RMMC is accredited by credible education institutions like the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA). So you can go all in and try any of their business-related courses… or check out the school’s other course offerings that can help you run your future business. You got this, future entrepreneur! 

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