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7 College Milestones You’ll Never Forget

There is something about college that makes you feel all the feelings.

It’s like a kaleidoscope of emotions rolled into years of memory you’ll never forget even after it’s long been gone (read: though some of it ya desperately want to erase from your memory too!).

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While high school has given you some of the best years of your life, college offers a whole level of excitement. There’s that promise of newfound independence, a new set of friends to share your life (and jokes) with, and a whole crazy adventure of finding yourself amidst life’s ups and downs. With all that and more, how can you not *reminisce* the good ‘ol days?

Whether you’re an incoming college freshman, in school or just got outta school, take a seat and ride the college feels ride with us:


1. First Day in School

Ah, first day in college! Who can forget? You were up before the alarm clock even rings (read: this is a rare phenomenon btw). Clothes neatly pressed. Hair set. Shoes polished. Bag ready. And mind filled with high hopes and dreams of what college holds!

So there you are, an overly excited student eagerly wandering around your newfound home—observing every hallway, building, and landmark you can see… and of course, getting lost along the way too. Don’t deny it!

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2. First Bloc Meeting

What is college without friends? We can’t even imagine. That’s why your first bloc meeting holds a special place in your heart. Not that you were all too clingy from Day 1 (though it’s possible), but because you knew right there and then that even when college scheds are crazy difficult to match, what used to be a sea full of strangers a.k.a awkward teenagers are the very same people you can call your fam, partners-in-crime, squad and support group despite and in spite of.

There’s A LOT of people you meet in college but your bloc? Solid. #TeamClingy

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3. First College Event

From college fairs to varsity games, there’s always a rush of school pride rising inside you. And you remember the feeling all too well, especially the firsts. Remember the time when you first wore a campus shirt to cheer on your basketball team? A face paint of your school colors with letters on your cheeks? Yup, that kind of excitement school pride gives you.

Whether it’s academic, athletic, or everything in between, you have made it your life’s mission to represent your college and represent it well. And tbh, we think you’re doing great! *insert school cheer*

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4. First Heartbreak

Not all college milestone looks like sunshine and rainbows. There are gloomy days too. Days when heartbreak feels more than just a metaphor. Just like that day when you had your first failing grade and questioned yourself if you’re good enough. That day when you stuttered your way in a demo speech and promised yourself not to do it again. That day when you got way overwhelmed by everything and chose to stay in bed all day.

And you know what, it’s okay. It’s a milestone all together because just as how difficult it was, you made it through every heartbreak. Now, isn’t that something worth celebrating too?

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5. First All Nighter

Oh, all those long and overcaffeinated nights! College will not be college without a fair share of puyat nights a.k.a all-nighters. Piled up handouts to read. Handwritten reviewers to memorize. Lab reports to write. Thesis manuscripts to revise. Name it, college has it!

But even in the wee hours of the night, it’s amazing how you find yourself fighting the urge to give up (read: sleep), laughing with your friends over 5-minute breaks, and still pushing through ‘til it’s over and done with. Who knew all-nighters could be this memorable?

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6. First Barkada Hangout

Aside from acads, college life also holds the fondest memories of lakads only you and the squad know about! Despite all the plans that took FOREVER to happen, there are plans that miraculously pushed through—now etched in your heart under memories for keeps.

For some, a getaway weekend out of town. Others, a classic movie night. A spontaneous road trip too! Whichever lakad it is, these memories are some of those you’ll never forget, those you’ll replay in your head over and over.

PS. Go ahead and call the BFFs real quick!

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7. Last Day in School

For every first, there’s always a last. When you first stepped foot in college, you never knew just how fast things would be. One afternoon you’re just walking along the field, the next day you’re marching your way to graduation already. There’s the last school year. Last semester. Last month. Last week. And then lo and behold, last day in school.

And as much as you would want to stay, you know all too well that a whole new world is waiting for you after college. So you move along and bring the sparkle in your eyes like it’s Day 1 all over again! (read: we’re not crying you are)

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College life holds a treasure trove of memories that stay hidden deep inside every student’s heart. Regardless if it’s four or more years in the university, its impact remains even years after. Did we miss any milestones you experienced in college? Share ‘em with us!

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