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7 Reasons You Should Study Culinary Arts In Global Academy

Global Academy started out from Chef Benjamin Ledesma Jr.’s encounter with Filipinos in Australia who had untapped potential in culinary arts. Back in 2003, most of these kababayans had to make do with being service crew members despite their desire for more; Getting a culinary education in Australia was simply too expensive.

Chef Benjamin then collaborated with chefs within his circle with the mission to empower Filipinos who couldn’t afford proper culinary training.

This is the heart and soul that went into the birth of Global Academy. And this spirit goes on until today, the Academy’s 11th year.

Here are 7 good reasons to pursue culinary education here—the fruits of the school’s thrust and the results of its more than a decade of evolution.

1. It’s affordable. 

stainless tables and chairs in culinary arts facility

culinary students cooking and moving working together in a wide kitchen

The average tuition fee for a Bachelor’s degree in Manila’s private schools ranges up to P200,000 per year; P6,000 per year in a State University. Multiply this amount to four years of schooling and you’ll realize how expensive culinary education can be.

In Global Academy, you spend less time and money for education that is up to par with the high standards of these schools. For around P173,000 for eight months, you already get to finish a course, have access to international internships, and be eligible for employment. This is affordable education plus the opening of local and international doors.

2. Customize your culinary course based on your interests, time, and budget.

female chef smiling and stirring food in a pan  

Learn different culinary specializations even if you have limited time and money. The school’s ladderized program scheme allows you to customize your course based on your interests, time, and finances.

Whether you have months to spare or years to invest, you have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of culinary arts up to the more advanced techniques in the kitchen.

Global Academy is proud of this course scheme that gives its students the freedom to study what they want, and when they want it. In as early as four months, you get the training that’s enough for you to set foot in a professional kitchen. With perseverance, these ladderized courses can equip a student with world-class and updated culinary skills.

3. The education is relevant to Filipinos.

trays of neatly aligned bread

Global Academy’s mission has always been geared towards the betterment of the Filipino people. It’s no wonder that the school’s curriculum includes courses that reflect local culture. Fundamental courses in baking, for example, come with the basics on starting one’s own panaderia, and a pork fabrication training for culinary practice.

The school is open to provide whatever will make its students excel and stand out in the field. Localizing and making education useful and relevant is one of the strengths of the school.

4. Learn from locally and internationally awarded chefs.

culinary students taking down notes while seated inside a classroom. Chef instructor speaking in front of the class

The Academy has in itself received local and international approvals from some of the most discerning culinary professionals in the world. The collective golds, silvers, bronzes, and overall championship trophies are not only encouragements to aim high, but are testaments of the Global Academy family’s thrust for achievement through learning.

Global Academy is not only made of a roster of award-winners –  its chefs are industry-experienced as well. When students are released onto the real kitchens, they will benefit from the training that they achieved from these well-rounded mentors.

5. Global Academy students are supported and encouraged to compete with their peers.

large group of people, many in chef's attire, holding up Global Academy banner, wearing medals, raising a trophy, and holding up their hands

Through years of competition, Global Academy students have won medals proudly worn with education, experience, and mentoring from attentive and world-class educators. Adjudged by respected personalities from the World Association of Chef Societies (WACS)—the first and only global certification for the culinary industry—the students’ victories are notable in the pursuit of future endeavors.

6. You will develop grit.

male and female chefs intently stirring food in pans

Working in the kitchen is not a walk in the park. You must put in long hours, determination, and lots of hard work. And the school recognizes that teaching techniques and skills in the kitchen isn’t enough; This training must be paired with soft skills and character for students to succeed.

In  Global Academy, students are assured of holistic training that will prepare them to strive and thrive in the culinary industry. The Academy believes in the winning combination of technical skills and character to propel each one to success.

7. The school produces quality, job-ready graduates.

female chef smiling and holding up several medals in both hands

Lica Ibarra, MasterChef Asia Season 1 Contestant; Global Academy Student

You are likely to walk into a restaurant and come across a graduate of Global Academy.

For the founders of the school, there is no feeling greater than knowing their students succeed in the industry they chose and trained hard and well for. The academy is a training ground for students in the likes of MasterChef Asia 2015 finalist Lica Ibarra, now head chef and owner of ABKD restaurant in Poblacion. 

Whether it’s a restaurant or a café, the school has made its mark in producing quality, job-ready graduates who can make an impact in the culinary field. 

Global Academy was born out of a passion to help Filipinos fulfill their culinary dreams despite varied limitations. After all, the Filipinos’ resilience, relentless hard work, and innate talents aren’t intended to be in sidelights, but at the forefront, as a tool put to flourish.

Sales and Marketing Director Anna Ledesma says, “No matter what walk of life you are from, you are welcome here.”

Start your culinary career today! Global Academy has schools in Pasig, Las Piñas, Timog and Cavite. Inquire or apply online now through Edukasyon.ph!