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7 Times Students Break The Internet

Long before social media, there were ancient history artifacts called postcards and stationeries.

Just kidding, it’s not THAT old… right?

If you’ve lived most of your life online, you should know that before everything went digital, people used to actually write down their thoughts and mail it to their pen pals. No copy paste, no repost! Just heartfelt messages, cool codenames and everything-in-between.

Fast forward to the future, we no longer communicate that way as much since technology found its way of making life easier and faster through the Internet. In fact, it’s been such a huge part of our lives that, to some extent, it seems like people don’t just go online anymore, they live online. Do you?


So here we are with seven (of the many) times students like you break the Internet one way or the other:


1. When you’re on school break

Ah, school break a.k.a every student’s favorite! Why wouldn’t you? Just imagining those weeks of vacation (or staycation) from acads and all school-related responsibilities is enough to teleport you from classroom to the Bahamas real quick. That’s why come school break, you can expect the Internet flooding with social media posts updating everyone about everything. From stories of their latest trip abroad down to tweets about the latest buffet in the metro, the students gotchu covered!

Just a friendly reminder: Slow. Down. A. Little. On. That. Samgyup.

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2. When it’s back-to-school season

While students are still high over their well-deserved breaks, they’re no less than excited to come back to school and study hard (right?). For such a season, you’ll see your newsfeed beaming with posts from students who are eager for another semester and well… students who haven’t had much rest from the last semester. Either way, y’all know for sure when the kids are back in school! (read: expect heavy traffic)



3. When you need to catch up with your friends

Thanks to the Internet, catching up with your friends (and stalking your crush) has never been easier! Like tbh, how many group chats are you a part of? Whether you need welp for your thesis defense or expert advice for your OOTD the next school day, you can count on your BFFs to be on full support online as they are offline. Check your DMs! #squadgoals  



4. When it’s been a long day in school

There are good days, there are bad days. Hey, that’s life! When it’s more of the latter, some students, if not most, find comfort in pouring their hearts out online. Do you? Post about it! Send tweet. Add it to your stories (and oh, don’t forget the filter!). After all, it’s your feed. At the very least, the netizens will be there to support you by giving a thumbs up or hitting that favorite button. Virtual hug!

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5. When you want to show your campus pride

Aside from wearing those varsity jackets and sporting your campus colors in any given chance, students take it online to show their campus pride loud and proud! Catching your bball’s team game live? Proud of your school’s performance in the recent licensure exams? Let the online community know! Just make sure to skip those “my school’s better” narratives and go for some school love. We need more of that!

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6. When it’s exams week

Just in case you missed it, social media’s probably the biggest support group any student can ever have, for reals. That’s why when it’s that time of the semester, students turn to the Internet for a quick break from their all-nighters and scroll through their feed for some motivation boost or wake-me-up pill. After all, we y’all just need another look at those memes and we’re ready for battle a.k.a. study A TON of reviewers, right?

attacking robots


7. When it’s graduation season

Isn’t it funny when graduating students come to that point when they suddenly realize their student life’s coming to an end and become way nostalgic about everything (read: better term for drama)? Like how they’re gonna miss a bunch of people and all that comes with it. In times like this, you can bet on social media to document all their ~feels~ with matching loooong captions. We feel ya! *tags squad*

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There’s no doubt that people spend just as much time online as they do offline. It’s like a force of habit already! Most probably because we want to stay connected and updated 24/7. While there’s nothing wrong with this, just don’t forget to live and enjoy every moment IRL!

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