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8 Short And Nano Courses To Help You Become An Effective College Student

Entering college in itself can be an intimidating task, given the change of environment and amount of responsibility that comes with it. You never know how difficult some classes may be, how to be an effective student, or what skills to develop. That’s why it pays to be most prepared. Thankfully, online learning has made it easier for students to enhance their skills and learn the tools that can make them more effective in their studies.

Are you an incoming college freshman? Already in your early years of college? Check out these 8 short and nano courses that can help you become an effective college student!

  1. Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity

One of the most important skills in college is managing your time well. This online course will teach you how to find your personal and professional awareness, and expose you to techniques in goal setting, prioritization, scheduling, delegation, and so much moreall to help you become more efficient and effective for your lifestyle.

  1. Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving

Many college courses, if not the majority of them, will require you to use Microsoft Excel. If you’re planning to take courses such as Business Management, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, and others alike, getting involved in this online course will greatly benefit you. Get ahead and learn the different ways you can make Microsoft Excel a great tool for creative problem solving!

  1. Introduction to Public Speaking

Whether it’s presenting to a panel of judges, speaking for your university organization, or simply talking to a professor or classmate, public speaking will benefit almost every conversation you have. Learn how to deliver effective presentations and arguments by learning the basics of public speaking.

  1. Writing in Plain English

Even those who grew up with English as their first language may not be the best at writing in the language.

This online class provides you with the fundamentals of writing in clear, straightforward English. Apart from learning how to write better in the language, you will also learn how to analyze your own writing style, and fine-tune it to your advantage. Regardless of the college course you’re looking to pursue, writing well in plain English is an asset you can use to boost the value you bring in and out of the classroom.

  1. Making Great Sales Presentations

Apart from writing and speaking well, one of the keys to delivering impactful messages is learning how to make great presentations. This course specifically focuses on sales and marketing presentations, and aims to provide the learner with the skills to create valuable connections for the listener. Learn how to be a great presenter for your classes and forums at university with this online class!

  1. Persuasion Masterclass: How To Powerfully Influence Anyone

To grab opportunities and overcome the challenges that come with university life, students need to learn the important skill of persuasion. This masterclass teaches students how to move others into action. Master personality traits and be equipped with the proper tools to become a powerful persuader.

  1. Leadership: Practical Leadership Skills

Teachers, mentors, and even employers put a great deal of importance in students who know how to delegate and motivate. Learn different leadership styles, practical leadership tools, and find the mix and style that best fits you.

  1. The Core Four of Personal Finance

This course will be useful to your day-to-day life. Learn the four core lessons of personal finance to become better at managing your money. This lesson helps individuals understand the different personal finance paths, and even one’s own financial behaviors. It pays to be financially smart so that you can make the most out of your college experiences in and out of the classroom.

There’s so much room for personal development as a student in university. These short and nano courses are a quick way to develop countless skills! If you’re interested to find more short and nano courses that may help you become a better college student, check this out.