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A Comprehensive Guide To USTET

Are you taking the upcoming USTET? (Roar, if that’s a yes!)

If you’re an aspiring Thomasian, taking the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test (USTET) is one of the things to anticipate as college life draws near.

Being one of the country’s premier universities, the University of Santo Tomas (UST) is not one to be left out in the conversation when students think of their future college alma maters. We don’t blame them though, imagine being around for more than 400 years? UST must be doing something right! And chances are, your interest in taking the USTET means you can imagine yourself studying there too. (We support you!)

Now, let’s get your college adventure started real quick by familiarizing yourself with all-things USTET a.k.a. your ticket to UST life. Ya ready?


What is USTET?

USTET is the university’s admission exam. Incoming college freshmen, specifically Grade 12 students, are welcome to apply. Every year, the school receives more than 80,000 applications from all over the globe. Out of this massive number, only 12,000 students (15%) are admitted to the university. Now, that’s a tough competition!


What is the coverage of USTET?

Like in every college admission test, USTET is comprised of various subject sections that are meant to measure an applicant’s core competencies. How well you answer in each test section can make or break your chances of getting into your choice of degree program. Take note of the following subject areas so you can prep for it in advance!

Here’s the coverage for USTET:

Test Section

Number of Items

Time Allotment

Mental Ability


30 minutes



45 minutes



45 minutes



45 minutes


How is USTET scored?

Your USTET result is based on your overall performance. This means aside from your USTET score, the Office of Admissions will also consider your academic record in Senior High School (SHS). 60% of your USTET result will come from the admission exam, while the remaining 40% will come from your SHS grades! (just when you think you’re done with SHS)

Your choice of degree program is also an important factor whether you’ll pass the USTET or not. Since each college sets their cut-off scores for the programs they offer, your subset scores should also make the cut. Now, you can think in advance and make sure to prep on subtests where your dream course is heavily leaning to!

PS. USTET do NOT implement the “right minus wrong” policy so ya can just go ahead and take your chances! But please: Always, always make a wise guess.


How much does it cost to take USTET?

The examination fee for USTET depends per type of applicant. Since UST receives a huge number of applications from all around the world, the school sets different fees to cater to each subgroup. If you’re a Filipino applicant studying in the Philippines, you should pay your application fees at any BPI/Metrobank branch.

Applicant Type

Application Fees

Filipinos studying in the Philippines

Php 600.00

Filipinos studying abroad

Php 1,000.00

Foreigners studying in the Philippines

Php 1,000.00

Foreigners studying abroad

USD 30.00

LEAPMed Applicants*

Php 3,600.00

International Testing Centers

USD 100.00

Through International Qualifications

USD 50.00

*STEM or Health Allied students with Grade 11 GWA of at least 90%

Good news! If you graduated from a public school and belong to the Top 5 of your batch, your application fee may be waived! Just submit a certification from your high school principal as proof of your academic standing. Hard work really pays off!


How do I apply for USTET?

It’s official! UST went paperless for USTET applications, and that spells convenience on your part. To start your application, just register online and follow the instructions.

Here’s a quick overview of the application process:

1. Register online.

  • Di you know there’s USTET for different school levels? Yup, so make sure to choose COLLEGE from the choices!

2. Fill out the pre-registration form.

  • Get your reference number! It will be sent automatically to your email address. If you don’t receive any email, keep calm and message UST’s Office of Admissions (OFAD) with your complete name, address, and birthday. They’ll send you a copy of your reference number!

3. Log-in your reference number.

Upload your ID picture then Save. Big smile, please!

4. Print the Senior High School Grades Form.

  • Request your school’s Registrar’s Office to accomplish the High School Grades Form and let either your school principal or registrar to sign it. Afterwards, encode your grades in the USTET online portal!

5. Pay application fees.

  • You can pay the non-refundable application fee at any BPI or Metrobank branch, over the counter. Make sure to fill out the deposit slip, and present your USTET application payment slip with your reference number for verification.

6. Submit your requirements via LBC.

  • Submit all your application documents through any LBC Express branch. While you might want to handle your files personally, the school will only accept documents through the courier service.

7. Print test permit.

  • Once all’s been taken cared of, you can log in to the online portal again and print your test permit. Repeat after me: No test permit, No USTET.

8. Take test on assigned schedule.

  • USTET have different schedules! It usually depends on the location and number of takers. You don’t have to worry about this though since the school will be giving your exam schedule. You just have to come prepared!


Where can I take USTET?

Wherever you are, there’s USTET testing center near ya! If you live around Metro Manila or you really just want to get the feel of your ~future~ alma mater, we suggest you take the exam in the UST campus at España Boulevard along Sampaloc, Manila.

On the other hand, if you can’t make it on campus just yet, there are around 43 provincial testing centers and 9 international testing centers you can choose from! Now, the next question is where among those sites?

To help you decide better, visit UST OFAD’s website for the full list of testing centers. There you can see each location’s address, contact number, and USTET schedule.


When are USTET results released?

The USTET results are released after three to four months after the exam date. Unlike other colleges and universities which release exam results with one long list of passers, USTET allows you to view your USTET results privately (and just celebrate with the rest after!). To check how well you did in the exam, just head to the official website and provide your applicant number and surname!

Since almost everything’s up online already, OFAD will no longer mail you a hard copy of your results like the good ‘ol times. But don’t worry! You can still download and print your USTET results for the next steps of your enrolment process.


How do I review for USTET?

There’s hardly anything a good preparation can’t do. For starters, passing the USTET with flying colors! We know admission exams can be pretty intimidating (read: like your future is on the line iykwim) but it doesn’t mean you can’t rise above it. Prepare for USTET like a real Thomasian! And look no further because we wrote USTET tips for ya to save you the hassle. Check it out!


Weeks or months from now when USTET comes around the corner, you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to read this article and learn about it as early as possible. Now, it’s time to do some real prep work and get your study game face on. Do your best in your last days in SHS and brace yourself for a whole new adventure in college. UST is calling!

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