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Aside From Doctor Or Nurse, Here Are 5 Unique Health Career Pathways You Should Consider!

Gone are the days where health careers automatically meant being a doctor or a nurse. Now, if you want to work in the field of health, it seems as if there are limitless opportunities or paths to consider. Having so many options for a future career in health can be intimidating. To help you learn more about some potential job opportunities in health, below is information about five health careers that you might want to consider: 

1. Dietician 

Do you enjoy meal prepping or put great care into deciding what food you eat? Dieticians study human nutrition and handle the regulation of one’s diet based on their needs and existing condition. In this profession, one can choose from a variety of work settings including hospitals, academe, private practices, etc. Among subclassifications of dieticians are the clinical and community dieticians. Clinical dieticians work in hospitals and nursing homes whereas community dieticians work with entities like wellness programs and public health agencies. Check out this list of NCR schools to get started on your nutrition career journey, as well as our guide!

2. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 

An emergency medical technician is tasked with caring for sick and injured people. It is a fast-paced job in a medical setting that required the basic knowledge of a range of conditions. Emergency medical technicians need to be on-call and can work with fire departments, health care equipment distributors, hospitals, and emergency medical clinics. The job may not always be as exciting as an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but it does require being on your toes in case someone needs immediate attention. Start learning about how to become an emergency medical technician through this article or find the nearest school

3. Biostatistician 

Interested in statistics and its application to health? Biostatisticians work with statistical theory and mathematics and apply both disciplines to medicine, biology, public health, and more. They aim to use math and science to pinpoint health trends in communities using programs that evaluate data. By using statistics in the field of public health, biostatisticians essentially study information and work with data in order to create predictions. Overall, this job can be applied to academic or private consultant settings. Find your nearest school here

4. Health Information Technician 

Another name for a health information technician is a medical records technician. This job entails looking after records for health care facilities and checking health information data for accuracy and accessibility. Because of the transition to electronic record-keeping, health information technicians are also in charge of migrating data from physical to electronic files. In order to do this, they must understand classification systems for patient information and data. Click here to find your nearest school!

5. Radiologic Technologist 

Radiologic technologists are also called radiology techs. They are the people that administer diagnostic imaging exams like CT scans but are not the ones that analyze the results of the scans. If you’re interested in manning equipment and working with doctors that then use the data garnered to diagnose patients, this career might be for you. Learn more about where you can enroll here

These are just five of the many possible careers in health that are available. As it is common to see careers in health as limited to doctors or nurses by TV shows and movies, it’s important to consider other careers. By doing your research, you may be surprised to find that your interests in tech and health intersect in many health careers like being a radiologic technologist. Alternatively, health and beauty can be combined through a career in dermatology.

Quite literally, the possibilities are endless and ever-growing. Who knows what more careers in health can exist in five to ten years? In order to find the best fit for you, try taking internships or learning more about health careers online! 

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