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Available College Courses for ABM Students

Taking an ABM Strand as a career track in senior high means your skills and preferences revolve around the world of accountancy, business, and management. After all, that’s what ABM stands for, right?

However, if you’re about to hit your final year and you’re still trying to figure out which ABM-related college course is suited for you, don’t worry – these four-year degree programs are waiting for ABM students and you can pursue any of them:


BS Accountancy

Students under this program learn how to primarily handle the monetary assets of an organization or company, which includes documenting the flow of each financial resource and the laws that govern it.

BS Accounting Technology

This four-year program trains students to assess, verify, calculate and record business-related negotiations and financial documents through technological means.


BS Agribusiness Management

Studying agribusiness will teach you how to produce and allocate farm resources and other products that are aligned with the country’s agricultural and developmental needs.

BS Business Administration

As its name suggests, students under the business administration program will not only learn the right skills and aptitude needed to become a business leader, but will also learn all the essentials needed to create and manage their own business.

BS Entrepreneurship

Students under this course are not only taught how to start and handle a business but are also taught to seek openings in any market and develop business plans in the process.


BS Community Development

If you’re the type who likes engaging with communities and finding ways to create a difference in their lives, this program will teach you everything you need to know about establishing, educating and collaborating with them for the sake of making their livelihood better.

BS Customs Administration

This program prepares students for careers that engage with custom-related services, including the production of imports and exports.

BS Foreign Service

Students under this program are taught to correspond with foreign countries that will mutually benefit both countries, such as tourism, investment flow, and the welfare of Filipino workers based abroad.

BS Hotel and Restaurant Development Management

For students who dream of putting up a restaurant in the future, this course will aid you in establishing and maintaining a hotel and restaurant franchise.

BS International Studies

Students under this course are taught to comprehend international affairs that affect government systems, both on a nationwide and global scale.

BS Office Administration

For students who want to understand the workflow of corporate or medical workplaces, this program grants students the skills and knowledge needed in order to thrive.

BS Public Administration

Aspiring politicians who would want to work in the government would benefit from this course. Students taking this course are not only taught how to run government agencies but also learn the function of each organization, their relationships with each other, and the various roles that keep operations running.

BS Public Safety

BS Public Safety offers knowledge and skills that ensure the public welfare of each citizen. Students who seek careers in fire protection, criminal justice or the police force usually benefit from this course.

BS Real Estate Management

Students under this course are taught how to manage a real estate service and handle private and public properties, including but not limited to consultancies and brokerage.

BS Social Work

If societal issues intrigue you, then BS Social Work is for you. Aside from practicing social work in particular, the course also deals with the policies revolving around it, which can be used to promote and ensure human welfare.

BS Tourism Management

For tourism lovers, this course will teach you how to create and manage your own travel enterprise, along with other career paths related to the tourism and hospitality sector.

Are you ready to look for more schools that offer business, accountancy and management courses in the Philippines? Or do you want to learn more about the ABM Strand in Senior High? Check out more schools and prospective careers on Edukasyon.ph and apply now!