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Benefits of Taking TESDA Courses

One way of improving yourself is through learning and acquiring new sets of skills. Nowadays, it is easy to learn new skills because there are various online and face-to-face classes available for you to enroll in.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA, for example, offers a long list of free or affordable courses that will help you expand your knowledge in a specific subject. Established in accordance with the Republic Act No. 7796 or the Technical Education and Skills Act of 1994, TESDA provides hands-on training or online instruction. It aims to help individuals in developing their skills through a rigorous training program that will boost their chances of employability.

With more than 200 vocational courses to choose from, what exactly do students like you get from enrolling in one?


It is important to invest in yourself through self-improvement. Gaining skills from finishing a TESDA course will help you be better in your chosen field or may potentially make you earn more money. Want to make a living out of baking, programming, or hairdressing? TESDA has you covered.

National Certificate or Certificate of Competency

TESDA assesses and certifies mid-level skilled workers through the Philippine TVET Competency Assessment and Certification System. Those who qualify for a national certificate or certificate of competency can get a higher paying job than they previously have. For example, an entry level job at a game development company will require a 2D Animation III course while a mid-level job will require a 2D Animation NC III course.

Employment Opportunities

TESDA helps their students land jobs upon graduation. According to a report in their official website, 7 out of 10 tech-voc or technical-vocational graduates get jobs. And with more than 200 courses to choose from, the opportunities for you will be endless! It’s also important to note that TESDA helps you avoid a career mismatch. If you take courses specific to what you want like baking or cooking, you will be assured that you’ll be a baker or a cook in the future.        

Value for Your Time

Studying at TESDA can get you employed in less than a year—from several weeks to six months of training. But if you want to pursue a four-year program after TESDA, the courses you earned will be credited to your chosen degree provided that they’re related. This means that the time you spent studying at TESDA will open opportunities for you to pursue further studies.


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