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Beyond IT: 5 STI Courses worth checking out

STI College is one of the many institutions in the country known for its  Information and Communication Technology courses, hence the school ’s original name, the Science and Technology Institute.

Over the years, the school’s Information Technology and Computer Science courses have had the largest population in the school. But did you know that STI also excels in other programs? Here are five interesting STI courses you might want to check out:

1. 3-Year Hotel and Restaurant Administration (HRA) Course

HRA is one of the most popular courses among students who are interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality services industry. Unlike other schools that offer this similar program that usually takes four years to complete, STI College allows you to graduate from this course in just three years. Under HRA, you will be trained with different skills like cooking, food and beverage servicing, housekeeping, bartending, local guiding, and front office servicing. You can also earn National Certificates from TESDA upon mastering these skills.

2. 2-Year Tourism and Events Management (TEM) Course

Do you dream of traveling to different places? How about managing events in the future? You can turn these dreams into reality through STI’s 2-year Tourism and Events Management (TEM) program. This course will help you earn national certificates in attractions and theme park operations, local guiding, front office, travel services, events management, and tourism promotion.

3. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Operations Management (BSBA)

Ready to be the next Pinoy multi-millionaire, and be listed in Forbes Top 100 list? If you’re passionate about planning, organizing, and supervising, then taking a degree in business administration is the best option for you! The BSBA Major in Operations Management is one of the many STI courses that you can try. Operations Management will give you comprehensive knowledge and skills regarding the operations of manufacturing, service enterprises, agribusiness, and other aspects of operation within an organization.

4. 2-Year and 4-Year (Bachelor’s degree) Multimedia Arts (MMA and BMMA) Programs

If you love arts and design, harness your artistic skills through the school’s Multimedia Arts programs. The 2-Year Multimedia Arts course is designed to prepare you for a career in the field of digital arts such as 2D and 3D animation. Meanwhile,  the school’s BMMA degree is for students who want to have an in-depth knowledge of animation, web design, videography, and a lot more.

5. Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management (BSCM)

STI courses are not just geared towards ICT-related jobs. You can also pursue your passion for cooking and be a culinary professional with the school’s Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management program. Aside from cooking, you will become adept in management and entrepreneurial skills necessary in the food industry.

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