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BS Accountancy, Managerial Accounting, Or Accounting Technology?

The field of accounting has a wider range of opportunities than you think.

Although universities and colleges offer various courses related to accounting, BS Accountancy (BSA) is the most popular choice. According to JobStreet, accounting executives consistently make it to the list of highest paid jobs. The popularity of BSA among college students creates a perception that it is a more superior course than the rest of the accounting programs. This notion isn’t true at all! Other courses simply have different specializations and roles in business operations.

In practice, one can choose to be a public or private accountant. You can also be an accounting professional if you take up  BS Managerial Accounting or BS Accounting Technology. There are specific knowledge and skills that you need depending on your target career. That’s why it is important for you to know which accounting course will fit your strengths and field of  interests!

So here are some  points that will help you spell out the similarities and differences among accounting courses:

BS Accountancy (BSA)

BSA is a four or five-year course (depending on the school) that provides a general accounting education. The program will give you a working knowledge in public accounting, taxation, business, auditing, and business research.

After passing the licensure exam, you will  earn your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license! The registration is authorized by the Professional Regulatory Commission – Board of  Accountancy (PRC-BOA).

BS Management Accounting (BSMA)

This four-year course will focus on management, decision-making, planning, and performance management systems.

A  BSMA graduate is certified by global professional management accounting organizations. Once you pass the licensure exam, you will be a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

While CPAs specialize in accounting for the public, a CMA will be more inclined to the strategic management and financial accounting of a firm.

Moreover, there are schools who offer one-year bridging programs  for BSMA graduates who wish to to pursue BSA (or vice versa) and become double degree holders!

BS Accounting Information Systems  (BSAIS)

BSAIS is a four-year program that combines accounting and computer skills. As a student, you are  expected to apply these skills in the context of business.

In the workplace, you will be in charge of coordinating finance and operations by creating an efficient information system. Do you have a knack for logic and programming? This course may be a perfect fit for you!

There are many interesting career paths waiting for you in accountancy, regardless of the specialized course you choose! Now that you have a clearer view of various accounting courses, it will be easier for you to decide on your application!

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