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BS and BA Psychology: What are the similarities and differences?

Graduating high school students planning to take up Psychology in college still has one major decision to consider even if they have a course in mind already and that is whether to take a BS or a BA program. Is there a big difference between the two courses? Is one better than the other? Though these two courses may seem alike, knowing their similarities and differences can greatly help in determining which path suits your dream career best.


Before we discuss the difference between BS and BA, it is important to define first the two programs. A BA means Bachelor of Arts and it is a degree program that offers instruction in humanities, liberal arts, or social sciences. It is a broad interdisciplinary program that includes general education subjects and electives as well as core study areas. Courses in BA programs are flexible yet are less specialized. BS, on the other hand, means Bachelor of Science and as its name suggests, BS focuses more on the scientific and technical side. BS courses are generally strict in specializing in their subject matter.


What is BS Psychology and BA Psychology?

Both courses are a four-year degree program that helps students understand the human behavior. Students under these programs will learn how to conduct and interpret different psychological tests and evaluations in various areas such as aptitude, intelligence, and personality.


BA deals more with the theoretical approaches so students who prefer to have more freedom in choosing their elective psychology courses may opt to take BA program. Meanwhile, BS Psychology requires units in natural science in preparation for a career in medicine or research. If you are interested to pursue natural science or medicine, you may prefer to take the BS course.


What are the career opportunities for BS Psychology and BA Psychology?

Earning a BS Psychology degree can lead to careers such as Psychometrician, Psychologist, Guidance Counselor, or Psychotherapist, among other fields. A BA in Psychology is a great option if you have are interested in psychology but want to try other disciplines, too. Students in this degree have the option to pursue education, law, journalism, social work, counseling, and business.


What are the characteristics that I need to possess if I want to succeed in these courses?

If you want to succeed in psychology, it pays to have a keen interest in people and the intricacies of the human behavior. As you start to get along with people and understand them, your personal reflection and assessment of these dynamics would be helpful while studying Psychology. Having good communication skills is also important because you will need to listen and interact more with different personality types. Strong analytical and decision making skills can also contribute greatly as you study, assess, diagnose, and recommend appropriate actions.


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