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Choosing Your College Course? SWU PHINMA Dares You to Go Beyond the Usual

Choosing a course for college can be exciting and challenging, there’s no denying that!

After all, it’s a decision that will affect the rest of your life. The good news is that there are steps you can take to help you make the right choice and ensure that you will have enjoyable and productive college years.

While there are the few fortunate ones who have already set their eyes on a particular course, there are those who are overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices and can’t seem to pick because they don’t have any inclinations as of now.

If you can relate to this, don’t fret because we’ve got your back! We’ll be sharing with you some steps you can take to discover the course that’s right for you and, ultimately, succeed in life!

FIRST STEP: Think about your personality, values, interests, and skills

This first step requires a lot of self-awareness. It’s a big task, but you can start working on this by listing down your values as well as your attitude towards work. You can ask yourself questions such as, “What are the things that are important to you?” and, “How do you accomplish your tasks and projects for school?” Additionally, you can take personality tests and creative type tests to get to know yourself a little more!

Moving on to your interests…

Maybe it’s not that you don’t have one; it’s just that you haven’t taken the time to discover and hone them. You can start by listing down the activities you enjoy—they don’t have to be something grand! As long as you love doing it, write it down.

The next step is to identify the things that you’re good at. As you do this, remember to consider both academic and non-academic endeavors!

NEXT STEP: Determine which ones overlap with each other

Your next task is to find items that are related to each other, and then connect them to a college course.

For example, if you believe you’re a self-starter who is competitive and hardworking and has innovative ideas to address everyday problems, a Business course might be the one for you!

If you choose a course that overlaps with your personality, your interests, and your academic and personal skills, you can find the course that you will enjoy for the next years to come.

NEXT STEP: Find the best college or university to help you go beyond

Now that you have one or two courses in mind, it’s time to start school hunting!

The good news is that you can use the Internet to help you find the colleges or universities that offer the courses you want to take. Most institutions today have websites you can visit to learn more about their course offerings, programs, and other important information. But even better, you can look at all of them at Edukasyon.ph!

This will also give you a clearer picture of what student life is like in these schools. After all, college life is all about getting the specialized education and holistic experience you need to go beyond the usual and succeed in life!

And that is what Southwestern University PHINMA is trying to achieve. With its vibrant student life and a wide variety of courses to choose from, SWU PHINMA empowers you to discover boundlessness and possibilities with SWU Next. 

What is SWU Next, and how can it help me?

When it comes to choosing a course for college, students can’t help but feel boxed by traditional careers and conventions. However, SWU PHINMA believes that staying inside this box cannot mold you into the successful person you were meant to be! 

SWU PHINMA provides a supportive environment that helps students explore opportunities, develop leadership, and receive the training they need to become the best that they can be. There are purposeful organizations and fun activities, both program-centered and interest-centered, that you can join to help you as you realize your aspirations. 

Most importantly, SWU PHINMA is more than just medicine! For the longest time, it has been known as an institution that only caters to aspiring medical professionals. The good news is that if you want to explore non-traditional careers, you can also find your home in SWU PHINMA through SWU Next! 

What courses can I take at SWU PHINMA?

Aside from their medical degree programs, SWU PHINMA also offers the following programs:

   - Information Technology (School of IT and Engineering) 
- Hospitality
- Business (B-School)
- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (School of Veterinary Medicine)
- Communication
- Architecture
- Education

What’s even better is that these programs are taught by talented faculty that comprises respected professionals with local and global experience in each field.

How do I apply to SWU PHINMA? 

Did you know that SWU PHINMA accepts both local and international students? Studying here not only gives you the high-quality education you need, but it also exposes you to different cultures! Exciting, right? 

If you want to go beyond the usual and experience student life at SWU PHINMA, you can check out the admission process here. Moreover, as we continue to face uncertain times with the ongoing pandemic, you can be confident that the university is taking prompt steps and using the latest technology to hold their classes online smoothly. 

Is SWU PHINMA the right school for me? 

Choosing the course you will take for the next few years of your life is a big decision to make because it impacts your future. However, the answer to this question is in you. What course do you want to take, and what kind of environment do you want to want to grow and develop in?

If you want to go outside the box but are just limited by your current situation, you can rely on SWU PHINMA to help you get out of your box. After all, you can only follow your passion and change the world if you go beyond the usual.

Need more resources to help you do your research? You can learn more about Southwestern University PHINMA (SWU PHINMA) and SWU Next at Edukasyon.ph today!