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COE and COD-Accredited Courses in De La Salle University

It’s normal for anyone to want nothing but the best in their education. And if you’re looking for an institution that would guarantee such quality education, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) grants certain distinctions to schools whose programs have passed quality standards.

Known for being one of such schools in the Philippines, De La Salle University (DLSU) has a number of programs that CHED has recognized in 2016, which were either categorized as Centers of Excellence (COE) or as Centers of Development (COD). The institution is also known for having the third most number of COE and COD-accredited programs by CHED.

Centers of Excellence and Centers of Development are distinctions granted to schools whose programs show outstanding potential through various qualifications set by CHED. These factors come in the form of instruction, extension and linkages, institutional qualifications, and research and publication.

Aside from being prioritized for developmental projects, institutions that have been granted COE or COD status are also eligible for other numerous perks, including CHED research grants and graduate study scholarships for faculty members.

So which of DLSU’s programs have been granted such recognition by CHED?

Centers of Excellence (COE)

Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business (RVRCOB)

Named after the chairman and CEO of AB Capital and Investment Corporation, DLSU’s College of Business lives up to its name by serving as a training ground for business students who aspire to become competent managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals after graduation.


Do you love dabbling with numbers? DLSU’s Accounting program prepares students to become more adept on careers related to accounting and research. Students under this program will not only have to deal with business matters but will also delve into other fields such as education, social services, and finance.

Business Administration

If the motions and functions of businesses intrigue you, Business Administration is worth pursuing. This program is designed to familiarize students with the functions of any business while granting them the necessary strategy and decision-making skills needed to run businesses in a fast-paced global economy.

It is worth noting that DLSU does not offer a specific BS Business Administration program, but it offers Masters and Doctorate programs for Business Administration students.


Do you love seeking opportunities wherever you go? DLSU’s three-year entrepreneurship program bestows aspiring entrepreneurs the skills to determine opportunities while granting them the skills and knowledge to establish their own business.

It is also mandatory for DLSU students who are taking this course to put up and handle their own business for at least a year prior to graduation, giving them an upper hand after stepping out into the real world.

College of Computer Studies (CCS)

DLSU’s College of Computer Studies relies on tackling today’s technological advancements and developing its students to become more adept in technological matters such as computer engineering, computer science, and information technology. The institution also equips students with enough skills and knowledge to aid in technological developments for the sake of assisting communities in need of their service.

Information Technology

Do you love managing technology and the way it holds organizations together at the same time? The Information Technology program trains students to solve computer-related issues that run various organizations and entities, to ensure that all systems are optimized for smoother operations. Aside from identifying and solving computer problems, these include constant maintenance and necessary upgrades of an entity’s computer systems, as needed.

College of Science (COS)

As one might expect in any science-related group, DLSU’s College of Science readily hands students the necessary skills to seek math and science-related solutions through experiments, analysis, and research. Students are also expected to be well-versed in verbal and written communication while having a firm grasp of problem-solving skills.


If you’ve always been curious about the biological sciences, this course is for you! Like other Biology courses, DLSU’s program teaches students how to focus on its branches such as botany, ecology, genetics, histology, microbiology, physiology, and zoology.

As a Bachelor’s Degree, Biology can either be taken as a Science course or an Arts course. The former offers more subjects that intensely focus on science as a whole, while the latter has lesser science classes with a mix of liberal arts subjects.


Do you see yourself solving solutions inside a laboratory setting? DLSU’s Chemistry program is for students who have a natural grasp in chemistry. This program usually equips students with the right laboratory skills and scientific training that one can get to become an efficient chemist.

Upon graduation, chemistry graduates are allowed to take the Chemistry Licensure Examination, which is mandatory if they wish to practice as licensed chemists.


For students who can’t get enough of numbers, DLSU’s Math program gives a large emphasis on pure mathematical backgrounds such as actuarial science, statistics, and operation research. Students are properly taught how to apply their problem-solving skills by devising proper solutions to various mathematical content.


This scientific program teaches students how to utilize their quantitative analytical skills in order to interpret and solve the fundamental aspects of nature. Students who aspire to delve into fields such as astronomy and engineering tend to focus on this course, though this program can also open doors for graduates who wish to pursue liberal arts careers such as government labs and high tech industries.

Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE)

Named after business tycoon John Gokongwei, DLSU’s College of Engineering is known for being an esteemed body of research, considering that a great deal of rural and urban projects in the country are handled by the institution. Normally, engineering courses take five years to finish but DLSU’s programs typically last for four years.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a program that combines both mathematics and chemistry in order to produce various materials, either through physical or chemical means. Aside from learning how to derive assumptions in a lab setting, students under this course are also expected to deal with chemical reactions and properly learn how to manage industrial pants.

Civil Engineering

Aside from providing students with enough computational tools that can be used in engineering, this program also teaches students how to combine engineering with science in order to design and construct civil engineering projects. Such projects can range from infrastructures for transportation to agricultural devices.

Electronics and Communications Engineering

This engineering program focuses on the development, utilization, and optimization of electronic products that transmit communications from long distances. Students from this course are trained to design, develop, and handle such electronic equipment.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering teaches students how to build systems that involve installing and manufacturing products using a combination of mathematics, engineering sciences, and physical sciences. As a result, students are also given the skills needed to convert different resources into essential goods and services, as well as learning how to effectively manage enterprises.

Mechanical Engineering

For curious inventors, this engineering program grants students the skills needed to develop and design anything that involves moving parts, which include engines, machinery, and other structures. Mechanical Engineering also teaches students how to convert thermal and chemical energy into mechanical work using such devices.

Br. Andrew Gonzalez College of Education (BG-COE)

Named after the former Lasallian president and educator, the College of Education grants aspiring teachers the right skills to effectively groom the next generation of students under their watch.

Teacher Education

DLSU offers an assorted number of concentrated education courses for students who wish to become teachers after graduation, such as bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education and Secondary Education. BS Secondary Education students can also choose which specialty to major in, while students who aim to pursue graduate studies can also choose from an assorted number of masters and doctorate degrees.

Centers of Development (COD)

College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

Originally called the College of Arts and Sciences until its separation in 1982, this college focuses on programs that deal with humanities and social sciences.


Do you love critiquing the past and comparing it to the present? This course teaches students how to better grasp history in all its aspects from any timeline and any part of the world. Students under this program are taught how to research, analyze, and critique numerous issues using facts throughout the years, all of which contributed to the present world.


For creative writers, DLSU’s Literature program stands out as a haven for literary studies. The program not only focuses on humanities but also serves as a means to cultivate artistic expression and a sense of social responsibility among its students.

Political Science

This program is designed for students who wish to focus on the study of politics and its real-life implications through methodological means. Through research and field training, students under this course are usually tasked to discuss and analyze problems that directly affect the world, giving them a better means of addressing such problems through better means.

College of Science (COS)

Aside from having a handful of COE-recognized courses, DLSU’s College of Science is also noted for having one COD-accredited course under its belt.


This program focuses on familiarizing students with enough skills to master statistical postulations and their respective uses. Students who aspire to become professional statisticians in businesses and organizations after graduation tend to take this course.

DLSU’s Statistics course initially started out as the college’s B.S. Mathematics (Actuarial Science & Statistics option), except the institution changed it to its present name for the sake of making it more appealing to students in need of job opportunities.

Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE)

As mentioned above, the Gokongwei College of Engineering not only contains Centers of Excellence-certified programs, but it even contains a Center of Development-certified course.

Computer Engineering

For engineering students, this program combines both facets of electrical engineering and computer science in order to develop digital instruments for a fast-paced global economy. Students under this course are expected to learn how to align devices with their respective softwares in order to address the technological, scientific and managerial demands of emerging industries. Additionally, this program teaches them how to pursue careers in computer system operations, embedded systems design, and systems support.

Are you thinking of enrolling in any of these courses? Or are you more interested to learn more about the things that you should expect once you step into your college doors? Check out more tips on navigating your college life at Edukasyon.ph!