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APCAT Takers! Here Are A Few Reminders For Your Entrance Exam!

A public service brought to you by our own Asia Pacific College cat Aurelio.


Kung may UPCAT, ang Asia Pacific College ay may APCAT or ang Asia Pacific College Admissions Test. This exam is like your UPCAT where your general knowledge will be tested. To prepare you more, here are a few tips you should remember before the exam.


1. Know how you can get to APC.

Because it’s going to be a weekend exam, be sure you know all the commute routes just in case you get stuck in traffic. If you are going to commute to get to Asia Pacific College, you can ride a jeep to Mantrade – Kayamanan C, and ask the driver to drop you off at EDSA MRT Magallanes. From there, you can ride a bus to Alabang, FTI, or Pacita, Laguna. Then, ask the conductor to drop you off at Asia Pacific Computer College.


2. Prepare yourself for anything under the sun.

Know thyself is the best way to pass the entrance exam. If you know where you are lacking, then focus on it more when reviewing. For example, if one of your weaknesses is Math, then study harder with the Math part to increase your competencies. But don’t forget your strengths! Still review what you need to review with the subject you are interested with.


3. Be prepared physically, and emotionally.

Yes. You heard that right. Not only should you focus on your subjects, dapat prepared ka din emotionally. Get a good night’s sleep. If possible, try not to use a lot of social media and just keep in mind that you can get this through.


4. Move on if you don’t know where you are going.


Sounds like a hugot but it’s true. If you don’t have an idea with the question, then skip it and get back before you move to another section. Just make sure that by the end of the exam, you would be able to get everything filled out. That way, you are not pressured and you can take on the exam.


5. Get some me time after the exam.

Since you are near Makati, stroll at the Ayala Triangle Gardens or watch a film at Greenbelt after the exams. You definitely need to reward yourself for finishing the exam. You will need to get that steam and pressure off your shoulders.


BONUS TIP: Just believe in yourself that you can ace it!