FUTURE ATENISTAS: This Is How You Can Ace The ACET | Edukasyon.ph
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Helpful tips from Atenistas to future Atenistas for their Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET).


1. Come in early because Katip traffic is hell.


Yes, please! Don’t be late. Run as fast as you can or be as early as possible. Sure that the Katip traffic is going to be the one to stress you out and not the exams. This is also your training ground one you get in so sleep early and get up early for the exam.


2. Make sure to shade everything.

DON’T MISS ANYTHING. Even if the exam is not a right-minus-wrong kind of test, still make sure that you shade everything and leave no questions behind. According to one Atenista, try shading B/C if you don’t know the answer. Maybe even make an educated guess.


3. Budget your time accordingly. Evaluate the entire section.


Check the questions and see what’s easy to answer. Once you are done with the easy ones, tackle the hard ones and focus on the things you think you can answer correctly. Just don’t forget to SHADE EVERYTHING.


4. Practice structured essay writing (in English).

Write. Write. WRITE. Just keep on practicing that writing because you will need that on the essay part. You don’t need to bring an extra sheet of paper though because it will be provided for you. Just keep in mind that you have this exam to finish and it includes long essay questions.


5. Keep calm and don’t panic.

This is the general rule of all. Study what you can study the night before. Don’t panic during the exams. Lastly, enjoy the experience.