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I Crossed out My Dream School. Now What?

Whether you have just recently received the gloomy e-mail containing your rejected application status or it’s been a couple of months since and you’re still in a fog about what to do next, it’s still a hard pill to swallow.

You’ve probably received tons of sincere advice from loved ones- different variations of “the grass is greener where you water it”- and assurances that everything will be okay. While all of these are well-meaning words, it’s definitely still a challenge to process the idea that your dream university won’t be your second home anytime soon. The effort, preparation, and ambition poured into your application must have been intense, so whatever it is that you feel right now shouldn’t be dismissed.

So as you think about your next move after college rejection, think about these two things, too.


Go back to your goals

What is it that you truly hope to achieve in the long run? Perhaps a really noble ambition like saving lives, or educating the youth. For many Filipino students, it’s the dream of finally being able to support their families. When you think about what you really want to do (and we mean going beyond the idea of acquiring a diploma), you’ll regain that unbreakable feeling of motivation. You must achieve this goal, whatever it takes and no matter what route you have to go through to get there. Now, with a clarity of what your goal really is, it becomes easier to see just how many options you truly have. Knowing that you have these options –like schools or programs that weren’t given second thoughts before- now bring you to your logical step two.


Survey your options

This tip takes a little more effort and willpower, but it will all be worth it. There are more doors to open when you have defined your goals and are set on achieving them.

So where do you start? Search through numerous colleges and universities, scholarship programs and courses through Edukasyon.ph. It would also help to ask friends and family what their recommendations are, especially if any of them happens to have the same career path as the one you intend to take. Instead of repeatedly checking out the website of the school you didn’t get into (a.k.a., having a quiet pity party), set aside a couple of hours to list down five realistic options that you really like and then work your way towards completing your admission papers. Before you know it, you’ll be back to having something concrete to look forward to.  

While it’s true that getting into the better-known universities has a significant impact on things like employability and the quality of the program you prefer, know that these factors should only be secondary to your passion, dedication, and commitment to learn.


Remember: this isn’t a dead-end –just a fork in the road towards endless possibilities.