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Data Science: What It’s About and Which Schools Offer the Course in the PH

Wondering what’s the fuss about the relatively new field of study, data science? We’ve got you covered!

Simply put, data science is the process of gathering, processing, and interpreting data for decision-making purposes. The perfect example is Netflix, it gathers data to know what its users are interested in, analyzes that data, and uses it to determine which shows to host and produce. Data science is also used in how Waze describes the traffic flow, predicts your estimated time of arrival, and suggests a better route for you to take.  

Seeing how data science helps businesses, there is now a high demand for data scientists. This is why the top schools here in the Philippines are now offering a master’s degree in the said field. Here are the schools that offer MS in Data Science:


Asian Institute of Management (AIM)

AIM is the first to offer the program in the country. It offers a 14-month intensive, full-time degree program that aims to produce graduates that are competent in one of the most sought-after specializations in the world today. What’s notable about the program is the inclusion of subjects that help students develop their skills in properly presenting their insights.


University of the Philippines (UP)

UP School of Statistics has just started offering a Professional Master in Data Science (Analytics) Program. The program will focus on the analytics part of data science. This is suited for those who have quantitative background or those who have hands-on experience in data processing and analysis.


Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU)

The Ateneo offers an 18-21 month MS Data Science program taken on a full-time basis. With a partnership with the Queen Mary University of London, students have the option to spend one semester in London and have the courses they take there accredited to the degree.


De La Salle University (DLSU)

In partnership with the Liverpool Hope University in the UK, DLSU will soon offer dual master’s programs in the following:

  1. MSc Computer Science (DLSU) & MSc Data Science (LHU)
  2. MSc Information Technology (DLSU) & MSc Data Science (LHU)
  3. MSc Applied Physics (DLSU) & MSc Data Science (LHU)
  4. MSc Economics (DLSU) & MSc Data Science (LHU)


For those who are fascinated with big data and how it can improve our daily lives, maybe you can pursue a masters degree in Data Science! For more information about the schools mentioned, search for them at Edukasyon.ph.