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What’s The Difference Between College And University?

Truth is, there’s not much of a difference between a university and a college. They both grant degrees, they teach multiple courses, and offer various scholarships.

But compared to a college, universities are bigger. A sprawling campus, more diversity, and every course you can think of. But what a college lacks in scale, it makes up for in community.

While a university is focused on research, a college aims to produce graduates and professionals for job employment in industry and specific disciplines such as commerce, accounting, banking, media, hospitality, tourism, education, psychology, and nursing among others.

Let’s face it. Not everyone will thrive in a university. It could get overwhelming, and culture shock is real. There’s nothing like the comfort of a tight-knit community. And sometimes, having a support system spells the difference between failure and latin honors.

La Consolacion College Manila is a historic institution within the university belt, run privately with the administration of Augustinian sisters.

As you think about where to go before you start the next big chapter of your life, take a look at what La Consolacion College Manila has to offer:

More scholarship opportunities

Tuition fees don’t have to be as a barrier when it comes to choosing a school, especially if you’re considering LCCM. You could get a scholarship if you excel with academics, athletics, dance, or chorale. You could even get discounts if you have relatives in the school, or if you graduated Senior High there. For LCCM SHS students, that’s a bonus!

20 undergraduate courses and 2 masters

Did you know that LCCM has courses for days? They offer a spectrum of degrees from the fields of business to music, hospitality to IT, and everything in between. No matter how geeky, artsy, or cool you are, you will find a course in LCCM. And when you finally get your bachelor’s degree, you can easily continue all the way to your masters without having to relocate. Find out the full list of courses on their website!

Meaningful Organizations

When it comes to making connections in school, it’s not about the quantity but the quality of students. That’s why the org game is strong at LCCM, because the culture of community is intrinsic to every student. Every day at school, you get to enhance your extra-curricular skills with supportive, like-minded people. It’s a safe space to push your boundaries. That’s how you gain the confidence you need for life after graduation. Also, alumni and students become delegates to top leadership camps and summits in the Philippines such as Ayala Young Leaders Congress, Filipino Youth Summit, ARC Young Leaders Camp and many more.

Superior Facilities

LCCM boasts modern facilities that are available for students to use any time. There’s a place for when you want to study in peace, but there’s also a place for when you want to hang out with friends. It’s not all about work at LCCM. The more time you spend enriching your life outside of lectures, the more you appreciate what you learn inside. At LCCM, work and play go hand-in-hand.

Caring Community

If you think LCCM is too close to home, that might actually be a good thing. There’s ease in learning in a secure environment. Because of its Catholic family background, there’s a culture of acceptance regardless of color, creed, and culture.

La Consolacion College Manila believes in character building. More than teaching, there’s a desire to nurture every student holistically. That way you discover your strengths while in school, so you can thrive wherever you’re planted after. And that’s bigger than any school can offer.  

If you think a supportive community is right for you, apply at LCCM for the next school year.