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DLSU: 10 Things Only Lasallians Would Know

La Salle fans in the stands if you’re with us clap your hands!

If you sang that with us, welcome, green archer! Since 1911, De La Salle University has been providing Filipinos with top notch education – but good education isn’t the only thing Lasallians have in common. In fact, here are 10 things that might ring a few bells if you’re a Lasallian.

“Ate Rica’s Bacsilog for lunch, g?”

If you’ve never had Ate Rica’s Bacsilog from Agno, shame on youuu! Kidding, but really – if DLSU had a staple meal everyone should know of – Ate Rica’s Bacsilog is first in line.

“What’s your ID number?”

If you’re ever on the receiving end of this question, you can be sure the person asking is from a Lasallian school. That’s because every Lasallian is assigned an ID number they get to keep forever when they enroll to DLSU. ID numbers begin with the year you entered then your unique student number.

“Noel’s: everyone’s go-to ihaw place”

We all know what the student budget is all about hence, all over the main campus are food places that fit your budget. But among all, when you’re craving for anything inihaw, the automatic go-to is Noel’s.

“We have our own EDSA, it’s called SJ Walk.”

You don’t have to go far to get to EDSA. Seriously, we’ve got our own and it’s called the SJ walk. If you’re dreading the student traffic then we suggest you reroute through buildings instead of passing SJ walk especially during the 9:00 & 10:45 window. So if you’re trying to get to LS from Miguel, pass through the second floor of the SJ building or better yet, use lobby of the Henry Sy building!


Okay, so maybe this goes a little way back – but here’s a brush up for the younger Lasallians. The literal amalgamation of “dude” and its synonyms, was an inside joke among Lasallians. While a lot think we’re mostly conyo, we take pride in welcoming everyone as a bro – hence, “dudeparechongbro.”

“Mang Ric, we love you.”

A little more specific to the students from liberal arts, but everyone who’s ever had classes in the Miguel building knows of Mang Ric. From helping students secure passes for gadgets, to scheduling them in studios, and staying after hours just so you can finish editing your videos – Mang Ric was there for everyone.

“PS: We used to have a field”

Yes, the Henry Sy building is amazing – but this is for the OGs! Before the Henry Sy building, was a football field and an outdoor basketball court. Hands up if you actually know we used to have a field!


You know you’re from La Salle if you’ve experienced being called a “froshie.” That’s what we call our freshmen students. So all froshie rituals, from the frosh 15 to the everyday Andrew traffic – all froshies are with you.

“Personal Effectiveness is actually a subject”

This one is normal for Lasallians but leaves other schools #Shookt. Yep, we actually have a subject called “Personal Effectiveness” – and yes it is a required subject for all Lasallian students. Thank you, DLSU for looking out for our holistic wellbeing!

“Let’s go archers, let’s go!”

Being the other half of the biggest school rivalry of the UAAP, every archer should know its battlecries. When it’s down to the last 2 minutes and the scores are fluctuating. This is a sure cheer everyone can chant along with!

It’s true the Lasallian culture and vocabulary has an ever-evolving definition. And even when the years come and go some, things remain evergreen. #PunIntended

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