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For History Buffs: Discover 3 Cebu Schools That Offer History Courses!

If you find yourself narrating epic history tales over dinner and snooping into your grandfather’s century-old documents, then you must be a certified history buff. You tend to collect cool stuff like old coins and photographs, and you always treasure spending time in the archives section of the library. 

The good news: you can study more about history in college and even get a degree from schools located in Cebu—one of the top historical places in the country! One of the perks of studying history is having the chance to look into our culture and way of life in proper historical perspective. If you wish to become a historian in the future, check out these three schools in Cebu that offer interesting history-related courses!

1.University of San Carlos – AB in History

The University of San Carlos is considered to be one of the biggest universities in Cebu and the Visayas. The Supreme Court of the Philippines Legal Education Board recognized the USC School of Law and Governance for being the top 4 performing law school in the Bar exams from 2013 to 2017. Throughout the years, the university also topped board examinations! 

The exciting part about studying history at USC is you get to choose an elective course. It’s up to you to choose from art history, environmental history, modern and contemporary Europe, global history of food, and many more. It’s a history lover’s dream! If you’re looking for a university that can provide you a quality education, USC is definitely the place to go!

2. Cebu Normal University – BSED Major in Social Studies

Cebu Normal University is a state university in Cebu City that serves as the provincial branch of the Philippine Normal University. The flagship programs of the university include Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) and Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd). For a history buff like yourself, we’re sure you’ll find it cool that you can actually pick social studies as your specialization! You will not only learn about history, but also gain a deeper understanding of economics, geography, and politics.

3. University of San Jose – Recoletos- BA in International Studies 

University of San Jose- Recoletos is a Catholic university founded by the Order of Augustinian Recollects. This private university offers undergraduate and graduate programs from engineering, commerce, information technology, education, law, nursing, arts, and sciences. 

If you’re interested in think-tank activities that tackle history, political science, foreign relations, economics, international languages, and socio-cultural global affairs, you can choose International Studies as your course. Without a doubt, this course will hone your understanding of various global issues.

The nitty-gritty process of collecting records and data from the past is the key to inform our lives in the present. By taking a history-related course, you can dig a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you!

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