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6 Free Online Course Websites You Should Check Out

Most educational sources aren’t always readily accessible, and any lover of self-development would know much about this in the long run.

But fortunately, the internet has blessed us with plenty of alternative educational sources for us to learn more courses on the go. More often than not, these online courses take ample time for you to finish any topic you desire at your own pace, which usually gives you an online certification once you’re accomplished them.

And – get this – these courses are free!

With that being said, here are some free online course websites you can peruse at your leisure:

Aquent Gymnasium

For communication buffs, Aquent Gymnasium offers nine free courses – ranging from coding to writing for web and mobile – that cover various topics that can improve your skills.


In collaboration with different top universities and organizations around the world, Coursera allows lifelong learners the chance to take a variety of courses from said institutions for free.

Oxford Home Study College

Oxford’s UK-based educational site offers free courses for individuals who need to know more about business management-related topics, although Oxford also has courses for public relations and fashion design.


This Australian-based learning site offers both free courses and accredited courses that tackle a great variety of topics, all of which are led by various Australian institutions. Score at least 60% in any course and Open2Study awards you with a free certificate for completing it.

Saylor Academy

Based in Washington D.C., Saylor Academy has over 70 free courses from different fields for you to choose from, all of which you can accomplish at any given time. Passing any course’s final exam with a grade of 70 percent earns you a free certificate.

Stanford Online

Taught by members of the Stanford faculty, the Ivy League university offers a few free courses that also give you a Statement of Accomplishment upon completion.

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