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Game Face On With These 3 Sports & Fitness Courses In Mindanao

Ever had to choose between sports and academics? Well, you don’t really have to.

Gone are the days when playtime comes after long, focused study time. You can do both! With schools recognizing the importance of physical health to overall development (read: not just being book-smart), students now have more opportunities to merge fun and learning a.k.a. pursue sports and fitness as full-fledged degrees and, eventually, professional careers.

If you hail from the beautiful Mindanao and you want to learn more about sports and fitness in a classroom setting, you might be interested in taking any of these three courses: 


Bachelor of Physical Education

There’s more to physical education than sports and exercise. Just as how you warm up before engaging in physical activity, warming up your knowledge on physical education is necessary if you want to pursue a career in health and fitness. That’s where a degree in physical education comes in! 

In this four-year program, you’ll learn both the practical and theoretical aspects of physical activities, as well as foundational courses that contribute to a person’s overall health and well-being. You can choose between the two course majors, namely: School Physical Education and Sports and Wellness Management. Take your pick!

Where can I take this course?

What will I learn in this course?

  • Foundation of Physical Education, Sports and Wellness
  • Applied Sports and Wellness Nutrition
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Recreation and Outdoor
  • Sports History

What jobs can I take with this course?

  • P.E. teacher
  • Fitness and wellness supervisor
  • Physical education and sports program coordinator


Diploma in Exercise and Sports Science 

Aside from a four-year program, aspiring sports and fitness practitioners like MAPEH and K-12 Sports Track teachers can opt for a shorter certificate program such as a Diploma in Exercise and Sports Science!

This diploma program usually takes 1-2 years and covers topics ranging from human anatomy and physiology to management of sports and recreation-related services. 

Where can I take this course?

What will I learn in this course?

  • Test and Measurements in Human Movements
  • Philosophy of Sports and Physical Education
  • Acquisition of Motor Skills
  • Exercise Physiology
  • First Aid

What jobs can I take with this course?

  • Sports tourism officer
  • Health and fitness consultant
  • MAPEH or K-12 Sports Track teacher


Diploma in Sports Coaching 

Anyone can coach, but not everyone can coach professionally. It’s a skill! If you’re a current sports coach or a sports professional and you want to upgrade your skills and knowledge in training people, then this diploma program is for you!

Throughout this 1 to 2-year program, you’ll learn different coaching principles, styles, and techniques you can apply when you handle a team or supervise sports-related training and activities. You can choose among different certifications like Coaching Pedagogy, Applied Sports Science, Professional Practice in Coaching, Sports Development, and Sports Teams Management. Sounds like fun!

Where can I take this course?

What will I learn in this course?

  • Sports Sociology and Inclusive Physical Activity
  • Professionalism and Ethics in Sports Coaching
  • Sports Law and Risk Management in Sports
  • Media and Public Relations or Sports
  • Performance Analysis

What jobs can I take with this course?

  • Sports coach
  • Gym manager
  • Personal trainer


Living an active and healthy lifestyle is good. Sharing an active and healthy lifestyle to other people is better! And with any of the courses mentioned above, you can encourage more people to embrace sports and fitness in their career and personal lives. Now, ain’t that a fulfilling sports & fitness career ahead of you? 

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