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Graduation Jitters? Here are 24 Questions for Reflection

Congrats on #gradwaiting! Hats off to you for finishing four (or more, that’s okay) years of college! At this point, though, you’re probably wondering, what do I do once I’m out in the real world? How ready am I to apply what I’ve learned? Can I even use calculus IRL?

First thing’s first, don’t get too lost in your thoughts. Because we’ve got a bunch of reflection points to guide you through! Grab a notebook or journal to jot down your thoughts. If that isn’t your thing, maybe just answer the questions in your head?

Reflect for a bit on where you’re headed. Don’t be scared of the crossroads. You’re on the way to even more wonderful places ahead!

Reflecting on Awesome Experiences

  1. What am I grateful for about my whole college experience?
  2. When did I feel most victorious or successful?
  3. Which subject/s could I study forever? Why?
  4. Which subject/s am I grateful that I’ll never have to study again?
  5. When did I experience procrastination, failure, or the fear of not being enough? How did I get through it?
  6. Any embarrassing moments that are funny now that you look back on them?

Cherishing Your Relationships

  1. Which professor/s brought out the best in me? How/why?
  2. How have I been a loving and supportive person to others these past few years?
  3. Who do I want to keep in touch with after graduation?
  4. Who do I need to keep at a distance after graduation?
  5. Why am I still not over that one crush?!
  6. What’s the best advice someone ever gave me? Who was it from?

Working on Your Best Self

  1. If there’s one thing I learned from pulling all those all-nighters, it’s that I should not ____
  2. What can I do now that I couldn’t when I started college?
  3. When did I take initiative? Are there projects or activities that I can take credit for?
  4. What are my greatest strengths or strongest skills?
  5. Are there new habits I formed during my college life?
  6. Have I discovered a hidden talent or skill? Why did it surprise me so much?

Mapping Out Your Future

  1. Are there things I still want to learn even after I get my diploma?
  2. What is the typical career path of a graduate from my course? How do I feel about it? Do I want to do something different?
  3. Who did I want to be when I was 5 years old? 12? 16? Can I get closer to those people now?
  4. What kinds of activities make me feel the most fulfilled? How aligned are they with my course?
  5. Where can I add the most value in society, or my sphere of influence? Does it have to relate to what I’ve studied in college?
  6. I still wish college taught us how to ____ before sending us out into the real world.

Seriously, though, send us your responses for the last one and we may get back to you with a special blog post! Liked this questionnaire? Share this story with your friends. Answer it in lulling moments during your commencement exercises. Just kidding, don’t do that!

Want to reminisce the good ‘ole days? Maybe you’ve got younger friends still maneuvering their way through hell weeks and org life. Head on over to our College Life section on the Edukasyon.ph blog!