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Guide to College Courses in the Philippines

Are you a senior high school student who’s prepping for college? Are you still in college and want to learn more about your current course? Or perhaps you’re simply a curious soul who’s interested about the courses offered around the country?

You’re in luck – you’ve come to the right place!

There are plenty of courses in the Philippines and we’ve gathered enough of them for you to ensure that you’re well-aware of almost everything that’s being offered in universities right now


From taxes to administration, accountancy courses deal with everything related to taxations that impact not only businesses but other fields such as government, finance and social services.


Have you ever wondered how buildings are made? Architecture deals with the conceptualization, designing, and construction of buildings, skyscrapers and other physical structures.


Do you love flying airplanes? Pursuing a career in aviation teaches you everything about planes – from its design and manufacturing down to manning aircrafts, your dreams of taking to the skies are within reach thanks to this course!


Do you love interacting with others and finding ways to generate income? Business courses can help you with that – from conceptualizing a business to establishing one, this course prepares you in doing all that.


Do you intend to pursue a career in advertising, media, public relations and other similar industries? This course teaches you everything that involves print media, television and radio and how to utilize these channels to transmit information to other entities.

Computer Science

Do you fancy computers and the latest technology? Computer science is a fast-evolving course that teaches you how to run various technologies and solve complex problems that can benefit the ever-changing world.


Interested in concocting food? A culinary course can teach you the art and science behind food, including tips on professional cooking, kitchen skills and the business aspects of the industry.


Are you interested about the inner workings of the economy and how it affects the country? Economics courses equip students with knowledge on how institutions can affect society and how to best deal with it when problems arise.


Are you a people person who loves teaching? If you love imparting knowledge and making a difference in people’s lives, taking an education course prepares you for a career in the teaching profession.


Are you an inventor at heart who’s fascinated by the world of machinery? Engineering teaches students how to use math and science to design, operate and maintain technology that runs the world.


Do you love policies, debate, critical thinking, and politics? You may want to pursue this degree which focuses on the written laws and the affected sectors of society. A law degree will also develop your judgment and argumentation to help you come up with fair and just decisions.


Taking a maritime course will grant you the skills and knowledge in constructing, maintaining, and operating marine vessels such as cruise lines, fishing boats, military ships, and cargo ships.


Does the thought of saving lives or curing people ignite you? Students who dream of becoming doctors, nurses and other healthcare-related professionals will learn everything that can help them do so, which includes anatomy, pathology, and other specializations.


Are you a musician at heart? Music degrees not only teach you how to perform but also equip you with the skills to educate others and even create your own business – skills necessary to get by in the music industry.


Psychology courses teach students how to understand the human mind. Students who are either preparing for medicine or fancy recruiting employees for a company tend to take this course.

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