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Guide to Universities in Visayas

Hey there, fellow students from Visayas! Surely you’ve heard a lot about the schools in Luzon, right? But did you know there are other great colleges and universities you can choose, right from your own home?

The Philippines is filled with thousands of higher educational institutions (HEIs), all of which are mandated by CHED. But if you intend to pursue higher education right after high school without having to leave home, we’ve got you covered with this guide that can help you make the decision, and what each university close to you has in store for prospective students:

Five Schools in Visayas Worth Checking Out

If you come from the Visayas region, the beaches and fresh scenery aren’t the only things you’d want to explore – the colleges and universities are equally worth adding to your itinerary.

Five Schools in Cebu Worth Checking Out

It’s your time to shine, Cebuanos! Check out some of these schools near you!

A Guide to Student-Friendly Spaces in Visayas Universities

In a region surrounded by beaches and mountainsides, finding some of the most notable hangout spots for students is inevitable! Check them out in our guide!

Top 10 Colleges with the Largest Campuses

Yes, Visayas is also home to two universities with pretty vast campuses! If you’re a natural adventurer who thinks size matters in a university, this list of campuses can narrow down your choices.

Most Expensive AND Most Affordable Universities in Visayas

Looking for a university in the Visayas region that fits your budget? From the most affordable to the most expensive, we’ve compiled a list of schools found in all regions of Visayas that we’ve ranked based on tuition to help with your decision-making.

Visayan Schools Affiliated with Metro Manila Universities

Although Metro Manila may have made a home in some of the most prominent universities in the country, some of these schools have branched out all the way to the Visayas region and offer the same kind of quality education to its residents.

So are you ready for college life with a Visayan flair? Regardless of where you decide to study, make the most of these 4 or 5 years of your pre-adult life by checking out our College Life blog on Edukasyon.ph!