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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About College Majors

Choosing a major can be as easy as playing it cool in college.


College can sometimes be confusing, especially for those who have not yet figured out what to do with their life. Maybe you have officially applied or you are still looking for the right school. There are so many decisions to make as you move forward to college. One of them is choosing a college major.

However, maybe you are wondering, what are college majors or how does that differ from a course. If you are not yet finalized with the major you are about to choose, then here are the most important things that you have to know as you choose a college major.


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1. What are college majors?

A college major is a specific subject you want to focus on. You might choose it because of the specialization or because you are interested in that subject. Once you choose a college major, half of your college life will be spent studying it. Choosing a college major is also crucial in the career you want to take. These specializations will equip you the skills needed in the particular work in the industry you want to take.


2. How is it different with a course or degree?

The best way to explain this is that a course or a degree is the one that will be conferred to you once you graduate while a major is a subject you will specialize as you finish your course or degree. For example, you can be a Bachelor of Mass Communication (course) Major in Public Relations (major). Courses or degrees are broader disciplines while a major is a subject in that discipline that you will concentrate on.


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3. When do you choose a major?

For four-year courses, majors are usually offered after your second year. By the end of your sophomore years, you will be asked by the college secretary on what you want to focus on. On those years, you should start considering what subject would you like to specialize. Learn more about the field you went and see the career options on the major you will choose.

For two-year courses, majors are usually picked already before enrollment. Usually, technical-vocational schools would start asking for your major once you enter their school.


4. How to choose a major?

Since your first years are into general education, you can explore what’s in store for you in that discipline. If you have electives, get the subjects that will discuss the major you are aiming. By enrolling to these subjects, you can have a taste on the major you will choose and test if you are really up for that major. If you don’t have electives, you can ask those on the senior batch on how it is in their major. Don’t be intimidated as most of them would gladly help you understand what they are studying.

You can also take your senior high track into consideration. If you have chosen HUMSS and took the course in social work, you can consider having development communication as your major. Your senior high track can help you choose what career path you want to take as these tracks have already laid the foundations of the disciplines to you.


5. Can I still change my Major if I don’t like it?

Yes. You can still change your major if you think you don’t fit in. It is normal to still be confused with what you want to focus on. However, you should also be aware that this can have implications on your stay at the college or university. Some majors have pre-requisite courses that are not offered in other majors even if they are in the same field of study. You might need to take additional subjects or attend lectures that will help you adjust if you shifted to a new major.


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