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Here’s How to Take the PNUAT

Do you have your sights set on changing lives after college?

Regardless of age, teaching remains a highly revered craft and a noble profession. You’re entrusted to instruct future generations and leave a dent in the minds of the youth, after all – how can you say no to that?

If this career path suits you and you seek nothing but the best in terms of quality education, then there’s one public school that can take you there: the Philippine Normal University (PNU), a higher education institution that specializes in training educators to become the best in their field.

Since its establishment in 1901, PNU has trained thousands of educators to educate countless students around the country. Its reputation as a school for educators is such that even the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has also recognized PNU as a Center of Excellence for Teacher’s Education. If you need further proof that this school can deliver some of the best education for teachers, this is enough!

But before you can start by taking your education in this field, you first need to pass the Philippine Normal University Application Test! This serves as an entrance exam for aspiring undergraduate students who wish to pursue their education in PNU.

What criteria should I meet in order to be eligible for the PNUAT?

In order for you to become a qualified PNUAT examinee, you must be the following:

  • A high school graduate from any institution recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines
  • Must not have earned a grade lower than 80 in any subject during your final year in senior high school

If you’re a foreign high school graduate, your computed grade point average must not be lower than B or 85, based on PNU’s grading system.

What requirements should I gather for the PNUAT?

For graduating Senior High School Students from any senior high school track who intend to apply for the PNUAT, you have to collect the following documents:

  • Certified true copy of your report card with no grade lower than 80% or its equivalent
  • Certification from the school principal that the student is graduating from SHS
  • Two copies of your 2×2 latest colored photo
  • An entrance examination fee of P350.00

How do I apply for the PNUAT?

Once you’ve completed all of your requirements, proceed to the Office of Admissions and present them for due process.

Afterwards, go to the Management Information System Office (MISO), which is located in the Gusali ng Wika at Room 102. You will be asked to complete your Application for Admission Test online. Once you’re done, have your application form printed and return to the Office of Admissions for your “Order of Payment”. Then proceed to the Cashier’s Office so you can pay your Entrance Exam Fee, where you will also be given an official receipt.

Once you’ve paid for your entrance exam, return to the Office of Admissions so you can surrender your official receipt. You will then be asked to register your name on the List of Examinees for the PNUAT. Once you’ve confirmed your intention to take the exam, you can now claim your Test Permit. Make sure not to lose that Test Permit!

When can I take the PNUAT?

There is no specific pattern of dates that you can apply for the PNUAT, but the exam is usually issued four times in separate months throughout the academic year. The deadline for the submission of requirements usually takes place at least a week to three days before the testing date, so make sure to submit your requirements early! You can also visit the PNU Admissions Office from 8:00am to 5:00pm or you can also contact the Office of Students Admission for more information.

What coverage should I take note of?

The PNUAT tackles subjects that fall under English, Science, and Mathematics. You can also find questions in the exam where you have to picture yourself in any event that you become an educator and choose what to do in this scenario. Again, since PNU specializes in training educators to become the best, make sure to take this part of the test seriously! But don’t think of your area of specialization just yet.

When can I get my PNUAT results?

Due to the random nature of the exam dates, there is no specific release date that you should wait for. Make sure to keep checking PNU’s main website for the results.

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