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Here’s What You Should Know In Choosing A University

People say that going to college is quite expensive. Well, it is if you choose the wrong one. As students, you should have a wide range of choice so you are not going to be stuck with just one and make a mistake with your education choice. There are so many consequences when you get to have the wrong one. You may not get the right education you need that may lead to unemployment. You can make a checklist and see what colleges are out there to help you.

COST. Know the tuition fee and all other payments that you are going to have once you enroll to that school. If you are going for technical-vocational-livelihood courses offered by TESDA institutions, your tuition fee can range from Php 200 to Php 600. However, if it is from private institution with similar program, tuition fees can range from Php 80,000 to Php 400,000. Meanwhile, if you are taking a different degree, tuition fees vary on the course you want to take because some courses may need additional expenses like laboratory fee, training fee, or athletic fee. However, there are some institutions that offers scholarships that can lessen the whole expenses of the student.

DEGREE OFFERED. Check if they have the course you want to take. Remember, you don’t have to force yourself to take the wrong degree because it is your career path that we are talking about. See if they have your chosen track because choosing a college is as important as choosing a college course. Both factors will make an impact not only to your education choice but also to your future career.

FACILITIES. See if the school has the facilities you need for your education. Much of college is about practicing the theories we will learn. This is training your skills and honing your abilities so you are job-ready and life-ready once you graduate. If the school doesn’t have the facilities you need to be able to perform well, you might have a hard time understanding the field and the industry you want to be in.

LOCATION. Determine the routes and the location of the school. Going far might buy you more time when you go to the school or this might become your parents’ concern so you have to know how far can the school be and how you can get there fast and safe.

EDUCATION TO EMPLOYMENT. Confirm if the school has industry linkages and if they offer an education to employment program. Employability of graduates from colleges and universities are highly influenced by existing partnerships with private companies of various industries. Depending on the nature of the collaboration, this could mean that you can get into an immediate job in those partner companies once your graduate.

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