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Hospitality Management: 5 Schools You Should Consider

Dubbed one of the world’s friendliest countries, people from all over the world come to visit to experience the famous Filipino hospitality firsthand. It comes as no surprise then that the hospitality industry has had a significant impact on the country’s economy.

Asians are often stereotypically depicted pursuing business, medicine, and law – but fret not, these are but movie clichés! Stereotypes shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing the road less traveled, especially for those who are thinking of a career in the hospitality industry. Don’t let these misconceptions keep you from chasing your dreams. In fact, we’ve listed down three reasons you should seriously consider when pursuing that degree.

Become part of a fast-growing industry

According to DOT (2019), the hospitality industry contributes a significant percentage to the country’s overall growth. DOT Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat has described tourism “as a shared responsibility” and the numbers say just as much. Not only has the Annual Survey of Philippines Business and Industry (2017) shown significant growth in these sectors, it’s also becoming an increasingly exciting field to be in given how technology is transforming the travel and hospitality experience. Think Airbnb, GrabFood, and DealGrocer.

Sky’s the limit – or at least, 150 countries

Travel is one of the strongest drivers of economies and this can only mean professionals in the industry will always be in high demand. In other words, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. Forget a desk job, go off and see the world!

Crunch time? Worth-it!

You’re definitely not limited to the specifics of your course. It’s not just about the technicality of crunching numbers and maintaining a top efficiency rate to keep the business running and successful, the hospitality industry also helps you develop your soft skills. Your almost-daily encounter with people from different backgrounds allows you to work on your communication and interpersonal skills, as well as teaches you the value of patience and working with others.

Have we made a convincing argument yet? We’ve come up with a list of schools with hospitality management courses (that won’t break your bank account!) to help you on D(ecision)-day:

University of Sto. Tomas

The University of Sto. Tomas provides aspiring hospitality professionals with comprehensive training and industry-specific knowledge to help them easily respond to the sector’s needs. But UST isn’t just about the smarts – both the faculty and students of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management continue to exhibit excellence and a holistic upbringing. 

They’ve received NCAA research grants for further study in the field and garnered awards in international contests, respectively. To add a cherry on top, the university’s Hotel and Restaurant Management and Travel Management programs were both recipients of the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) excellence distinction.

Asian School of Hospitality Arts

Anchored in their green hotelier advocacy, the Asian School of Hospitality Arts has been making waves in producing highly qualified hospitality management graduates with both a local and global industry outlook. ASHA is part of The Cravings Group, a partnership that allows their students to glimpse what actually happens behind the scenes of the business – talk about great career options and a good training ground for their skill set, am I right? 

Apart from its CHED-recognized programs, ASHA also provides several TESDA-accredited courses across their campuses, including Bartending, Commercial Cooking, and Food and Beverage Services.

Our Lady of Fatima University

Our Lady of Fatima University’s College of Hospitality and Institutional Management aims to produce effective and well-rounded leaders in the hospitality industry – with the global standards to match! Aside from acquiring a Philippine diploma, graduates have the option of acquiring qualifications and certificates from both the United States and Australia. 

The school also provides a wide selection of specializations under its International Hospitality Management Program, depending on interest: Restaurant and Fast-Food Operations, Hotel Administration in Cruise Line Operations, and Culinary Arts.

Lyceum University of the Philippines

Established a little over 20 years ago, Lyceum University of the Philippines’ (Manila) College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management has since garnered recognition for its world-class curriculum and outstanding graduates. It offers a course on International Travel Management and International Hospitality Management, the latter having specializations in Hotel and Restaurant Administration, Cruise Line Operations (in Culinary Arts and in Hotel Services), and Culinary and Kitchen Operations. 

With their top-notch facilities, including an on-campus restaurant, mock hotel rooms, and a beverage laboratory, you can bet the school is producing top-notch individuals working towards honing their craft – a skillset they can further improve on during their international practicum programs in Singapore and the USA.

AMA University Online Education (AMAOEd)

Upholding the same values as their physical counterpart, AMA University Online Education is the first fully online education in the country accredited and recognized by CHED. The school’s shift to online classes and online learning provides anyone with the opportunity to learn and obtain a degree – including those eyeing a career in hospitality management. 

AMAOEd’s Human Resource Management program integrates both business and management and is geared towards developing the leadership and communication skills required in running an organization.

Interested to learn about other schools with hospitality management programs in the Philippines? Check out Edukasyon.ph and get to know more!