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How Do I Enroll in TESDA?

Technical Educational Skills and Development Authority (or commonly known as TESDA) is a governing entity that assesses and certifies students who take technical-vocational courses.

TESDA vocational courses, which are available by hundreds, are also practical options for individuals who are unable to enroll in college due to lack of time or financial restraints.

The governing body is also responsible for certifying competent technical-vocational practitioners with National Certificates, which are indicators that a person has passed a TESDA course and is competent enough to pursue better career opportunities after graduation. Some technical-vocational courses are also in-demand in today’s market, which makes it an ideal option for those who wish to start working immediately.

Although TESDA courses were originally offered through testing centers, the certifying body has also created more ways on making some courses available online.

But before you begin, how exactly do you enroll in TESDA?

Go to your nearest TESDA Accredited Assessment Center or Regional Training Center.

TESDA has hundreds of Assessment Centers all over the country, so best to pick one that’s closest to where you live.

Complete all your requirements first!

Before you proceed, make sure to have the following documents before you can start:

  • One assessment application form that’s already filled up;
  • One assessment guide comprising the training course you have selected; make sure to fill it out in black ink with no erasures;
  • 3 pieces of passport-sized ID photos of you in a collared shirt with white background; don’t forget to add your name and signature at the back. 

Pay the assessment fee.

Aside from your documents, pay your assessment fee at the TESDA registrar’s office so you can receive your admission slip and official receipt. You’ll need both if you want to proceed to the National Certificate examination.

Bring all your documents before the exam!

Once you’ve settled your assessment fee, make sure to bring all of your documents on the day of your assessment. Your testing venue will depend on the course evaluator.

Depending on the training program you’ve chosen, your National Certificate assessment will be evaluated through written and practical exams, which will be checked by an assessor. All core competencies such as your collaboration and communication skills will also be tested in the exam.

Start applying for certification.

After successfully passing your TESDA assessment, start applying for certification so they can process your National Certificate. Depending on your chosen training institute, you might also be prompted to get additional requirements.

Claim your National Certificate.

You can claim your National Certificate seven days after your application date. By then, TESDA will give you the Certificate of Competency that you can present to your prospective employers.

But what if I want to enroll online?

Fortunately, TESDA also has options for you to enroll without physically going to any testing site. And if you lack the right time and funds to do these, don’t worry – these courses are free!

TESDA also has online courses that you can take at your leisure, and is also open to all Filipinos who wish to add more skills to their arsenal at their own pace, as long as they have stable internet connection with them.

All you need is to create a TESDA account on their website.

Fill out all the information that’s being asked before clicking “Create an Account”. You’ll receive a message on the e-mail address that you indicated on the website, which you’ll need in order to activate your account.

Once you’ve successfully activated your account, you can now choose any of TESDA’s online courses that you wish to enroll. You can access them by logging into your account, where you will be redirected to TESDA’s online program homepage, which contains the list of courses that you want to take.

Each course that you choose includes a list of modules filed under it. Select the link of the module that you’re willing to study, then once you’ve decided on the course that you want, click on “Enroll me in this course” to confirm.

Once you’ve done this, voila! Congratulations – you are finally enrolled in a free TESDA course!

You’ll have to keep in mind that taking any of these online courses doesn’t make you eligible for a training certificate. So if you’re aiming for one, you really need to take TESDA Assessment Centers’ exams.

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