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How School Orgs Can Help You Land a Job

College is where you hone your skills, discover your interests, and meet a diverse group of people. And one of the ways to enrich your college experience is to join organizations related to your course, or those which have a cause close to your heart.

One of the best perks of joining orgs is meeting with a lot of people who is in your field of interest. They are passionate about the same causes you advocate for, and they are interested in the career you also want to pursue. Aside from being one of your college families, these orgmates will also be there for you even after graduation, especially when you are searching for a job.

When searching for a job, these are the people whom you will ask for advice. They will give you tips on how to get accepted by a company, how the industry works, etc. Aside from these, you may also count on them to inform you when their companies have job openings. This is especially helpful when openings are not advertised in job search engines. If you have worked with your orgmates, and they like how you work, they may even refer you to their employers!

Orgmates can also vouch for your skills and work ethic. Remember, recruiters are more inclined to get those who are recommended by their current employees.  

The work you do in your org also matters. As a fresh grad, you don’t really have much formal work experience to include in your resume. This is where org work comes in.

You can include events you handled in your resume and put the details of your contributions. Whether you are involved in getting sponsors for an event, working on a pubmat, or recruiting new members, your work will show that you have some sort of professional experience. This will also demonstrate that you know how to work in a team and that you know the value of resourcefulness and accountability.

So, make the most out of your college years and join orgs that not only help you create lasting friendships, but will also help you professionally. For more stories like this, check out Edukasyon.ph.