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How the Internet Changed Student Life

The world has never been the same ever since the World Wide Web (now popularly known as ‘the Internet’) was publicly made available in 1991. Older generations may throw jokes at how students these days spend too much time on the Internet, but it’s hard to deny its importance in this generation.

In fact, the United Nations Human Rights Council considers it a human rights violation to disrupt Internet access of citizens. If you want a testament on the Internet’s importance to society, take a look at its impact to students and education in general.

Students of this generation have significant advantages over students who grew up without the internet. They can leverage the Web to their own advantage with its vast selection of informative, entertaining, and educational resources.

So, how has this wonderful piece of technology changed the game for today’s students?

Managing Group Collaborations

Back in the day, doing groupworks meant gathering in your groupmate’s house to plan, discuss, and write for your requirement or reports. Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to reluctantly commute great distances to collaborate with them. In case they don’t have a reliable Internet connection at home, they can always visit internet shops with fast connection speeds (like Netopia) to accomplish their requirements. Students can now work on a group paper via Google Docs without having to be physically near each other. Students and even teachers use social media to facilitate learning and openly communicate about academic matters.

Social Networking

Humans are social animals. With the help of the Internet, it’s now easier for people to connect and keep in touch with people beyond physical borders. Social networking websites make it possible to instantly share experiences and communicate thoughts with people that matter to them. These sites also made it easy to gather students with similar hobbies and ideals, and organize big events to further nurture these interests and needs.

Access to Information

Did you know that out of the 25 highest peaks in the world, 19 of them are in the Himalayas? That tidbit is one of the many information you can easily find out through a quick Google or Bing search. College fresh grads can conveniently search for job listings and even read about companies they are applying for. Students could find themselves in Wikipedia or ask questions in Quora to help out in their research studies rather than searching through piles of books  in the library. Today’s generation of students are definitely no longer confined inside the four walls of their classrooms.

Dangers of Internet Technology

The Internet is definitely an indispensable tool for students, but it can also conveniently (and to some extent, anonymously) bring trouble to students. Cyberbullying is a great example of the web’s negative by-product. It’s very much different from school-based bullying because teachers can’t directly intervene online. The internet is empowering but such power requires great responsibility. We all should be reminded that everything we do online has corresponding consequences in real life.

The student life has definitely evolved thanks to the Internet’s influence on education, communication, and social interaction. Despite the dangers that come out of it, you can’t deny the positive impact it has brought to society. For better or worse, the Internet has definitely changed the way students live. How will you change the world with the Internet?

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