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How to Handle Rejection from Your Dream School

Let’s face it: rejection sucks. No matter what anyone tells you, it hurts being rejected.

For college applicants, nothing hurts more than getting a small envelope that contains a rejection letter from the school you applied for. After weeks of reviewing diligently for your college entrance exams, it almost feels as if all your effort was futile and pointless.

It could feel like nothing even matters anymore when students find out that they weren’t accepted to a university – especially if it’s their dream school that rejected them. However, this is a temporary obstacle that people will overcome before finding success in future opportunities. Even former President of the United States Barack Obama got rejected by his dream school of Swarthmore. He strived to conquer this setback and moved to a different school, and made a difference in their lives.

There’s nothing wrong about being sad about rejections – it’s a normal human reaction. Take all the time to process your emotions, and think things through before taking the next step. When facing rejection, here are a few things you should remember:

Don’t Take It Personally

When a college rejects a student, it’s not because they didn’t like who you are. In some colleges, they are very selective to the point of accepting a small percentage of applicants, making it a competitive space for admission. Universities have a limited amount of slots for incoming students, so they have to consider different factors when it comes to accepting applications of students. Remind yourself that it’s nothing personal; it’s just the university making a very tough decision in choosing the right students fit for their campus. Don’t think that you’re not good enough

Focus On the Things You Can Do

“What if I had chosen a better topic for my essay? If only I studied harder than others, I probably would’ve been accepted.”

These questions may pop-up in your head, thinking about things that you could’ve done. In reality, there’s not much you can do to change what has already happened. What you can do is focus on things that you can do moving forward. You can consider spending your first year in a different university, and then transferring to your dream school, or maybe consider trying out the colleges that accepted your application.

Consider Other Options

Not getting accepted to your dream school— although it may feel like it —isn’t the end of the world. Think of all the other schools you’ve applied for and accepted your application. It may not be the school at the top of your list but it doesn’t mean that it’s less than desirable, since you applied for that school as well. You may not end up where you wanted to be, but it might be the school that’s actually better suited for you.

Always remember that rejection is just another obstacle in your life that you have to adjust your life to. As cliche as it may sound, when a door closes on you, new windows of opportunity open. It may not be the window to your dream school, but if you stay committed to the reason why you want to be in college in the first place, then there’s nothing that can stop you in doing so. Accept your situation with open arms and decide on the best move you can make for yourself.