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How to Practice Self-Care in College

With the demands of college, it’s important to be able to exercise proper self-care or simply, to be kind to yourself. You need to be able to efficiently manage your stress and anxiety, establish good coping mechanisms, as well as have fun despite the workload. This is for the well-being of your mental, emotional, and physical health. After all, that’s what self-care is all about. So, here are some tips and tricks on practicing self-care in college.

Establish a routine

Having a morning routine is a great way to jumpstart a productive day. This helps you have more structure, especially on a busy day. A morning routine usually includes doing some morning stretches, taking a shower, tidying up last night’s mess, and setting your agenda for the day. This helps you be mindful of the activities you have throughout the day as well as which goals you wish to achieve. Once you find a morning routine that works for you, stick to it as it will truly set the tone for the day ahead.

Engage in physical activities

Whether it is walking from building to building, having a workout routine, or attending a PE class, staying active is important in taking care of your body. It helps reduce risks of heart attacks and helps lower cholesterol level as well as blood pressure. Exercise also releases endorphins, which are hormones that evoke positive emotions.

Clean your space

It’s important to note how our environment affects what we’re feeling. For instance, being in a messy environment may make you feel as if you’re all over the place. It gives you more reasons to procrastinate as you’ll feel like tidying up your room, only to make a mess even more. On the other hand, an organized and tidy space gives you a calmer vibe. A clean environment allows you to focus more on the tasks you have to do.


People are raving about the positive effects of meditation but only a few have actually tried it. Meditation allows you to be mindful of the present, hence putting you in a good state of mind. It’s incredibly important to clear your head from distress and other negative emotions. Doing small mindfulness activities everyday will definitely help you in the long run. If you are not familiar with the process of meditation, you can download meditation apps or look up meditation exercises on YouTube!

Spend time with your loved ones

It’s important to keep in touch with friends and families while you’re in college. Having a support system will go a long way especially when things get tough in the semester. Make it a point to squeeze in some time with your friends and family. It can be brunch on Sunday morning or a study date with your friend. It’s totally up to you! Surrounding yourself with people who love and care for you will only inspire you to do better in what you do.

Although it is true that you must work hard in college, you must not forget to take care of yourself. Practicing self-care by establishing a morning routine, staying active, keeping a clean environment, meditating, and spending quality time with your loved ones will make college so much more bearable!


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