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How You Can Change the World with a Chemist Course

Few things have changed the world more than science. In every generation, it shapes the way we live our lives – from the gadgets we use to the medicines we take when we get sick, and even to the way we view our world. It is no wonder, then, that children are fascinated by science at an early age.

Unfortunately, this fascination usually does not last. As we grow older and realize how tedious and difficult the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) world can be. 

This is especially true for chemistry. As children, when we think of chemistry, we usually imagine mixing chemicals together in a lab to create fancy substances or explosions. But the reality of studying chemistry can be quite different. As it turns out, chemistry involves a lot of head-scratching math, long chains of equations that we can’t imagine memorizing, and endless hours in a lab spent with chemicals most people can’t even pronounce.

Despite how boring and tedious studying something like chemistry can be, it actually plays a major part in helping the world move forward. Many industries make use of chemistry knowledge to develop new technologies and processes to help make the world a better place.

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Here are some of the most groundbreaking research areas that you can find yourself in when you pursue a chemistry degree:


Every day, numerous chemical processes occur in our bodies. Because we are made out of different elements and chemicals, everything from moving to digesting food involves some form of a chemical reaction. Thus, from its name, the study of the intersection between biology and chemistry is what the field of biochemistry is all about.

Biochemistry covers all of the chemical reactions that take place within living systems. For this reason, it has numerous applications in our everyday lives, from nutrition and fitness to pharmacy and medicine. 

You have biochemistry to thank for the healthy and delicious snacks that you find on shelves, as well as the medicines and vitamins you take to keep your body functioning properly. Good knowledge of biochemistry is also important for athletes and fitness buffs who want to maximize their physical performance. Thanks to biochemistry knowledge, we get to live healthier and better than ever before. 

Nuclear Chemistry

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From Chernobyl to Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk, the science behind atoms and the radiation they emit has long captured the minds of people. It is one of the most exciting and oft-discussed applications of science, and for good reason. Nuclear energy – the energy stored in an atom – has enormous potential as a source of power and energy, which is why the field of nuclear chemistry is more important than ever today.

Nuclear chemistry involves dealing with the fission and fusion of atoms, as well as the effects of radioactive energy on the living world. Hence, nuclear chemists are at the forefront of learning how to harness the power of the atom into an energy source that can power cities, submarines, and spacecraft. Since radioactive particles are also used in things like X-rays and MRIs, nuclear chemists are also crucial in the medical field, which makes nuclear chemistry one of the most groundbreaking areas to work in for anyone interested in the wonders of science and technology.

Water Chemistry

Water is one of the essential requirements of life. It makes up a good chunk of the human body, and without it, we won’t survive longer than a few days. We also use it for so many parts of our everyday lives, like taking a bath and washing our dirty dishes and clothes. The versatility and importance of water make studying is incredibly important for life as we know it to go on.

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Water chemistry refers to the study of the impact of water on other elements and the environment, as well as vice versa. Since water itself is a basic compound, a good knowledge of chemistry is needed to observe the properties and effects of water, as well as know-how to harness it. Water chemists may work in water filtration – ensuring that clean drinking water can reach people – and ensuring a sustainable supply of freshwater on this planet. Given the effects of climate change on water sources everywhere, people who know their way around water are incredibly necessary today.


Nothing fascinates people more than outer space – learning about planets, stars, and the vast universe out there. But what many people don’t know is that the study of what lies beyond Earth actually requires a great knowledge of how life on this planet works. This is where astrochemistry comes in.

Astrochemistry involves studying chemical compositions and processes on other planetary bodies. This includes the interaction of atoms and elements in space and the geological and biological processes on other planets. Through their work, we gain a better understanding of what outer space is really like and how life might possibly exist outside our planet. An added bonus: many get to work with telescopes and space equipment, similar to astronomers, which makes this field perfect for those who have always wanted to explore the stars.

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