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If Your Teachers Were Game Of Thrones Characters

Because VALAR ARALLIS = All Men Must Study


1. Gendry – The ‘Wer na U?’ Teacher

Just like Gendry, sila yung mapapatanong ka ng “Sir/Maam, nasaan na po kayo?” “May klase po ba?” “Papasok po ba kayo?” Instead of academic questions, these are the things that you will be asking to your teacher. They are the no-shows or they could probably be present only at the beginning and/or two weeks before the school year ends. Sila yung teacher mo na napadaan lang. Be careful though because some of these teachers ay matinik sa malalakihang projects at failing grades.

Usual subject: MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health)


2. Tywin Lannister – The Terror Prof

They are the ones that will leave you scarred for life. Katulad ni Tywin Lannister, ito yung mga teachers na alamat na hindi lang dahil sa magaling sila kundi dahil nakakatakot sila. They are the ones you always pray not to have (but you will anyway because magaling talaga sila or maliit lang yung school niyo). Shookt ka talaga, beshie, at halos mag-novena ka na wag lang matawag during recitation.

Usual subject: Math-related, Science-related


3. Jon Snow – The Crush ng Bayan

Kabaligtaran naman sila ng ‘The Terror’. The looks, the wit, the smile. Mala-Jon Snow sa lahat ng aspects at papakiligin ka nila. These teachers are the ones you wish for to have and look forward to have. Sisipagin ka sa pag-aaral because you are so focused sa pakikinig sa kanila. Sila yung sagot sa tanong na ‘Para kanino ka bumabangon?’. Warning lang because these teachers are pa-fall meaning pa-fall sa grade if you focus on them and not on the lessons.

Usual subject: English, Politics and Governance, Philippine History, Literature


4. Tyrion Lannister – The Life Coach

Lahat ng advices, ibibigay nila, mapa-life, love, o study man yan. Some of these teachers are like Tyrion Lannister who are exceptionally gifted when it comes to Surviving Life 101. It seems like they contain all the wisdom in the world and has it all figured out. Magandang makinig sa kanila, it’s just that sometimes, puro advice na lang at wala na ang lesson plan.

Usual subject: Philosophy, MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health), Literature


5. Bran Stark – The Nerd

Sila naman yung mala-Bran Stark sa talino – yung feeling na ‘they know-it-all’ especially if tungkol sa hawak nilang subject. Daig pa si Kuya Kim sa mga trivias na binibigay. Madalas na marami rin silang shine-share na notes sa klase to make subject a lot more interesting. More or less, they are also the ones who are kinda weird and nerdish when teaching.

Usual subject: Chemistry, Physics, Biology


6. Bronn – The Joker

Despite all seriousness of studying, there will always be that one teacher who is going to make us laugh – either with their witty jokes or just straight-up punchline. The ‘Bronn’ of the list is the joker of the class. Sila yung habang nagtuturo ay magi-insert ng mga punchline na either borderline Tito/Tita joke or corny pero may mga benta din naman silang entry.

Usual subject: Philippine History, Philosophy, English, Literature


7. Samwell Tarly – The BFF

From the joker to the BFF ang drama naman ng teacher na ito. Like Samwell Tarly, they know their subjects well and you will really know a lot from them. But their kind are those na FC or ‘feeling close’ agad sayo up to the point na friends kayo sa facebook at fina-follow niyo ang isa’t isa sa Twitter. They are fun to be with but just don’t mess them up because they are still your teachers anyway.

Usual subject: English, Literature, Special/Major subjects


8. Lord Varys – The Chikadora

Ito yung mga teacher na ma-chika. Marami silang ‘birdies’ like Lord Varys and knowsung ang mga maiingay at magagaling na estudyante sa klase. Some of them are those who are early to leave the faculty lounge but arrives at the class late dahil sa dami ng stopover na kakausapin sa hallway.

Usual subject: Filipino, Values Education, Philippine History


9. Melisandre – The Mother Superior

Lord of Light ang drama ng teacher na ito. Sila yung may prayer before the class at prayer after the class. They also share the same characteristics as the ‘Terror Prof’ – strict, magagalitin, annoyed. If you ever pass by sa class na hawak nila, hindi mo feel na may klase dahil tahimik at nakikinig lang sa kanya – either nasa classroom ka or nasa library ka sa tahimik. These teachers are also the one who will always remind you of the rules and the ten commandments.

Usual subject: Values Education, Math-related


10. Olenna Tyrell – The Department Head

The ‘Queen of Thorns’ ika nga, but usually they are the ‘Kings and Queens’ of their own subject department. Sila yung mga teacher na kahit maraming ginagawa sa department ay may time pa ring magturo. They are usually strict and friends with the Chikadora, the Terror Prof, and the Mother Superior. Powerful kapag magkakasama silang lahat sa isang department, and dahil sa tagal na nila sa pagtuturo, alam na nila lahat ng experience sa mga estudyante. They know when to be witty, when to be a Tito/Tita, and when to be THE department head.

Usual subject: Can be all of the above


11. Daenerys Targaryen – The All-in-One

Sila yung teacher na favorite mo and you are always rooting for. May times na strict pero mabait. Someone that can be both a friend and a guide in real life. At times, they are nerdish but they don’t bore their students to death. They will always try to let you know that you can do it if you believe in yourself.

Usual subject: Can be all of the above

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