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Inspiring People Who Studied At Far Eastern University

The Far Eastern University (FEU) may not be one of the oldest universities in the Philippines. But since the school’s foundation in 1933, FEU continues to strive for academic excellence. Year by year, FEU produces thousands of graduates and professionals.

Throughout its history, the Far Eastern University has seen countless extraordinary graduates pass through its halls. From politics, media, business, entertainment, to sports, a number of people who studied in FEU have made their mark in various fields.

1. Cory Aquino

When it comes to women empowerment, former Philippine President Maria Corazon “Cory” Aquino is one of the greatest pinay inspos! She was the country’s first female elected president and served as the head of state from 1986 to 1992. Despite critics saying that she’s “just a plain housewife”, Cory did not let these words to hinder her from pursuing her advocacies. Her selfless dedication to public service earned her awards and recognition. These include the Time magazine’s Woman of the Year for 1986, Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award, and the Ramon Magsaysay Award for International Understanding. She was also named as one of Time Magazine’s 20 Most Influential Asians of the 20th Century. The late president studied law at the Far Eastern University in 1953.

Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corazon_Aquino

2. Henry Sy

While singing Bruno Mars’ song Billionaire, you may have wished to be like Henry Sy—the Philippines’ Richest Man. Henry Sy is the founder of SM Investments which include your favorite hangout place, SM Supermalls. He is also the owner of Banco De Oro, the second-largest bank in the country.

But before all the success, Sy started from rags. After Henry Sy’s family business closed during World War II, his family decided to return to China. Sy stayed in the Philippines to complete his studies. He graduated from FEU with a degree in Associate of Arts degree in Commercial Studies in 1950. He then established “Shoe Mart” which later became the SM Group.

3. Elma Muros – Posadas

If you have a heart for sports, then Elma Muros – Posadas can be your #sportspiration. Known as the “Long Jump Queen” of the Philippines, Elma started her athletic career at a young age. Elma attended several colleges through scholarship grants before she transferred to the Far Eastern University.

Throughout her career, Elma bagged a total of 15 gold medals in the Southeast Asian Games. She also won many other local and international sports events for long jump and heptathlon. But like any other sports, Elma’s career was never an easy path. There were moments where she fell down and lost. But she was determined to pick herself up and continue her run. At present, determination and perseverance are also the same values that she wants to impart to struggling young athletes as a coach.

4. Lydia de Vega

Lydia de Vega was the “Fastest Woman in Asia in the 1980s”. Lydia is one of the Philippines’ track and field legends. She won numerous gold medals in various sports events including Athlete of the Year awards. Lydia studied Physical Education at the Far Eastern University. Aside from her feats in sports, Lydia also starred in Medalyang Ginto, a 1982 film based on her true-life story and achievements. At present, Lydia is now working as a sports coach abroad. She helps many aspiring athletes to realize and develop their potentials.

5. Alejandro Roces

If you’ve had literature classes before, then you might have encountered the short story, “My brother’s peculiar chicken.” The story is about two brothers arguing over a feathered creature whether it’s a hen or a rooster, and their funny quest for the answer. My brother’s peculiar chicken is just one of the many award-winning literary works of Filipino author, essayist, and dramatist Alejandro Roces.

Alejandro Roces finished his BA in Fine Arts from the Arizona State University, and then took his MA at the Far Eastern University. He is known for his light and humorous depiction of the Philippine culture and heritage in his works. Throughout his career, Roces made notable contributions in the Philippine history such as:

  • Leading the campaign to change the country’s Independence day from July 4 to June 12.
  • Recovering the stolen original manuscripts of Mi Ultimo Adios, Noli Me Tangere, and El Filibusterismo.

In 2003, he was honored as the Philippine National Artist for Literature.

Image source: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/730498002033607125/

Do you know any notable people from Piyu that you want to include in this list? Who knows, you might be the next outstanding FEU graduate in the future? Visit our College life blog and discover more inspiring stories like this. See you at Edukasyon.ph!






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