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It’s Lab At First Sight In This School’s Cool Facilities

Let’s make this clear: teenagers have it hard. 

From dodging embarrassing titas and titos who have an infinite supply of embarrassing childhood stories to juggling intense schoolwork and shifting social dynamics, growing up for teenagers seems like an endless uphill battle. But what’s one of the biggest challenges they face, you ask? Finding the best university for your dream program. Hands down.

If you’re looking to be a criminologist, a civil engineer or a teacher, the Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges (RMMC) may lead you to the right path to success.

RMMC is nestled in the heart of General Santos City in South Cotabato. It’s recognised as a Higher Education Institution, a prestige awarded by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities – Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA). Major props to them as it’s the first and only school in the region to do so!

Aside from its exciting programs for associate and bachelor degrees, RMMC also offers basic education. This makes it incredibly easier for students—from diaper to diploma—to stay in the well-established RMMC system throughout their student lives. Say goodbye to inconvenience and hello to top-tier education!

Hosting an array of state-of-the-art facilities matched with the latest equipment, RMMC is committed to producing high-performing graduates. After all, learning goes beyond books and classroom lectures. And it’s just as important to put these learnings into practice. Check out some of the cool facilities that make RMMC a choice college for senior high school students!

Stunt that stutter in the speech lab.

Among their many facilities is a speech laboratory! The lab is air-conditioned to offer maximum comfort for students, and help them fine-tune their verbal skills. With special attention on honing oral communication, RMMC ensures that its graduates are eloquent and well-spoken—traits that would definitely help them from acing their oral exams to nailing their job interviews. At RMMC’s speech lab, prospecting freshmen are sure to polish any verbal tics and become seasoned public speakers in no time.

Recognize real lies in the crime lab.

If you’re waiting for the perfect place to live out your CSI dreams, this is it. At RMMC, students can turn that dream into reality in the school’s criminology laboratory. The lab is equipped with the latest technology to train students in fingerprint analysis, forensic chemistry and toxicology, and lie detection. That’s right! Believe it or not, they have a polygraph machine, and even fully furnished crime scenes and interrogation rooms.

Students use these facilities to reproduce cross-examination and indoor crime scene investigation so they can assess their competencies. The opportunity to reenact scenes from your favorite crime dramas is just too good to pass up. It’s time to put all that binge watching into action! 

Simulate real-life scenarios in the social lab.

Interested in social work? Put your skills to the test at RMMC’s social laboratory. It’s where students perform different situations that social workers should be specifically equipped to handle. Dealing with people of difficult circumstances is not for the faint of heart, and the social lab provides ample opportunities for you to practice your patience and develop mad social skills.  

Get behind the scenes in the customs lab.

Fascinated how the customs work? (FYI, customs is a government agency in charge of the flow of goods) At RMMC’s customs lab, aspiring customs brokers are trained to master customs procedure documentation. It’s a unique opportunity to learn exactly how foreign and local packages are processed in the country. Now you can find out what happens behind the mysterious doors at the Bureau of Customs—from container vans to balikbayan boxes!

Let lab take you to your dreams. RMMC got you covered.

By offering avenues to expand and apply your knowledge, RMMC can help you turn your dream career into reality. Every lab facility is designed to enrich your learning experience for a fun and hands-on approach to your chosen field. 

With all these laboratories, and a proven track record of successful graduates, we’re quite sure RMMC guarantees a quality and unforgettable stay for its senior high school students. Now, the ball is in your court! Which lab are you checking out first? 

Your dream career is calling. Take the first step by finding the right course for you at Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges (RMMC)! If you need more tips and advice in deciding for college, check out our College Life blog section at Edukasyon.ph now!