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This Is The Key To Your Childhood Dream Jobs!

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Maybe you loved playing with mommy’s makeup kit and dreamed of enhancing flawsome faces as a makeup artist? Were you an art whiz—creating things with clay, building blocks, or coloring materials? Maybe you were super into cars and wanted to fix up your own vintage beauty one day?

Despite all these dreams, circumstances change our priorities. Some people manage to take on their dream jobs, but for the rest of us, it might not be the track that life put us on. It could be that your parents told you to go for a more traditional career path, or you had to start working at an early age. Or, maybe you didn’t know how to pick up the skills to make a stable and profitable career out of your passion.

Well, what if we told you that there’s still a way for you to make your childhood dream job a real job, AND that could be more profitable than you think.

Hear us out: tech-voc is the way. Suspend your disbelief for a moment and read on! We bet you didn’t even consider the following things:


Master your craft early

Think it’s too early to think of a career as a food stylist, commercial diver, hairstylist, or video game tester? Think again. While most senior high schoolers are generally on the path to self-discovery, you may be a student who’s discovered their abilities sooner than your classmates.

If you’ve started to whip up cakes in the kitchen before you learned the periodic table, then this path is something you’d want to consider. This is your chance to learn the tricks of your favorite trade as early as high school, get licensed, and earn money right away. Whether you decide to get a college degree or not, you’ll be job-ready through the tech-voc program. 

For those who already know what they excel in, go for it! The only requirement? You just need to pass TESDA’s skills assessment to get your National Certificate (NC). Choose among four strands: Agri-Fishery Arts, Home Economics, Industrial Arts, and Information Communication Technology (ICT). To get started, check out the TVL track for SHS students here


Enjoy a high-paying job, sooner than later

The most common misconception is that service-oriented professions pay low. But industry-specific skills enable hundreds and thousands of Filipinos to score high-paying jobs. Have you heard of this awesome Filipina welder? She pursued her dream job in Japan, working with Mitsubishi auto parts and boilers! 

Cecil was able to uplift her family’s economic status with her salary, thanks to her training with TESDA Women’s Center. Besides that, she’s keen to work with power tools and heavy machinery, so she enjoys all the action happening in her non-desk job. 

Doing what you love and getting paid a lot for it? Sign us up!


Revolutionize the way we see job-ready upskilling

Singapore and Japan are at the top of their game when it comes to technology and innovation. Meanwhile, we’re trying to catch up. Their trade industry employees, their pride and joy, receive a lot of support. This empowers them to work hard. They bring new ideas and techniques to constantly improve their products and services. 

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) can do the same for our products! At the same time, it could address a serious issue: out-of-school youth. Sad but true: research indicates that 4.6 million students or 1 out of 5 students between 15 to 24 are unemployed this year.  Through the tech-voc program, the youth have access to professional training and lucrative careers in the industry, whether or not they have the resources for an expensive college degree.

The Philippines has a lot of growing to do in terms of understanding and embracing tech-voc. Many Filipinos could have their dream jobs, they just don’t know it yet. Tech-voc is is always the last option because of the stigma against it. Meanwhile, actual statistics point to its viability as a stepping stone towards employment, in any field.


Dream jobs do come true.

Can you imagine living without your phone or computer? What about going out looking drab? Nobody wants that! Skilled workers have built entire industries—beauty, tech, farming, tourism, etc. Without them, life as we know it wouldn’t exist. Your dream job could make dreams, other than yours, come true!

You could be the next tech-voc success story! You’ll never know until you give it a try. There is no one, surefire way to success. It’s all about what you make of what you have. There’s nothing to lose, so give it a shot!

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