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Lessons Learned: Students Share Classes That Gave Them Major Feels

Dragging yourself to 7AM classes and trying to stay awake throughout the lecture (with barely any sleep) isn’t exactly the best example of a class worth sharing. However, staying up for your 7PM classes and losing track of time might just be worth the appreciation.

The point is, regardless if it’s 7AM, 7PM or anytime in between, there are classes that are so good at making students feel at home (read: asleep, that is) and there are classes that make students want to listen so bad. Preferably, your classes fall under the latter!

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Ever had one of those lectures that got you paying full attention to your professor (which you do every day, right?) because the lesson somehow resounded with you on a personal level? Like how it makes perfect sense, not just in theory, but even in your daily life. Think of it like a eureka moment!

In times like this, you thank yourself for waking up early and making it to class. Because just like how learning should be, there are lessons that stick with you even after your professor walked out the door. Or better yet, even after that semester ended.  

Here are some of those classes that gave students SML for learning and ~feels~ beyond what can be contained in a classroom:


On Love and All Its Forms

Whoever said experience is the best teacher was not paying attention in class. Before you look for ‘The One’ or entertain a potential love interest looming in the air, take a seat and jot down notes real quick! Clearly, there’s so much more to that Math class you’re dreading or that History class you’ve been wanting to end. Who knew that some of the greatest love lessons can be found on textbooks too?

“If it doesn’t have a label, it doesn’t exist.” – Denise, Information Management Class

“It can get closer and closer, but it will never be together.” – Mark, Geometry Class

“Don’t let other people make you feel inferior.” – Chen, Multimedia Productions Class

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On Hope and Keeping the Faith

When life hits you hard, even small encouragements can mean the world. Good thing, there’s no lecture or recitation “too academic” that can’t pick you up when need be. Sometimes school lessons can turn into life lessons too. And most of the time, it only takes for you to listen and read between the lines. Because in between, there lies hope you never thought you’d need from a class (yup, even in chemistry!!).

“Your college years won’t dictate your life in the future.” – Camille, Organic Chemistry Class

“You think life’s hard? The life cycle of a caterpillar reminds me we are all, at some point, transforming into something great. You’ve got to trust the process.” – Belle, Biology Class

“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well, said the Little Prince. Likewise, no matter where we are in our own ‘desert’, there’s a spring waiting for us. It’s gotta be somewhere. Find it!”  – Ica, Literature Class

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On Growth and Personal Development

There’s not one student who doesn’t look forward to the day he/she marches down for graduation and ~finally~ gets that precious degree. It’s like that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Only when you get there do you realize it’s actually the time spent in the grind that’s your greatest reward. Just imagine how much you grew from one class to the other! Whether you realized it or not, these classes sure know how to make you value life more, people even more. Now, it’s not just you you’re looking out for!

“Maaari kang lumiban sa klase paminsan minsan pero huwag kang lumiban sa paggawa ng kasaysayan.” – Marianne, Social Science Class

“Questions lead to more questions. Not knowing is overwhelmingly unnerving but shoot anyway. Nothing grows you like discomfort.” – Joy, Communications Class

“In college, you just don’t learn, you also unlearn things that you were taught while growing up and realize that they are incorrect on a societal level.” – Hannah, College Writing Class

“If you haven’t experienced something or went through a difficulty others are experiencing, it doesn’t mean those difficulties aren’t real. Maybe, you’re just privileged. So check your privilege!” – Mikay, Speech Communication Class

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When classes aren’t just about reading textbooks and memorizing formulas anymore, but really understanding how it’s applicable in life, we grow to love school and appreciate education for what it is. Only then will grades matter less and learning means more, like how it should be in the first place.

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