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Lie Detector Test And Other Cool Things You Can Try In A Crime Lab


You’ve probably played murder mystery games and scavenger hunts growing up. Don’t deny it. We’ve all been there. But did you know you can actually pursue a career in that? It’s called criminology a.k.a. the study of crime.

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Criminology is an exciting field to be in. But it’s no easy job. Just look at those hard working detectives on TV! Whether you’re dead set on studying criminology or you just want to learn some mad skills and solve crimes, check out these cool things you can try in a crime lab. Btw, Ramon Magsaysay Memorial College- Marbel, Inc. (RMMC- Marbel) got one! How cool is that?

1. Fingerprint analysis so you can find out who touched your stuff

The fascinating thing about fingerprints is it’s yours alone. This makes it a strong piece of evidence in identifying crime suspects or someone who touched your stuff without permission. (Check out this super cool TED talk!) In the crime lab, you’ll learn different methods of personal identification— from recording and classifying fingerprints to retrieving it. Thumbs up!

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2. Werk those angles in forensic photography

Gen Z kids are expert photographers by birth. So are you. But forensic photography can be quite different. Crime scene photographers aren’t looking for the most #aesthetic moment but the best angles to capture the actual crime scene for evidence. Don’t worry! You’ll develop a keen eye for detail in the crime lab, too. Get those lenses ready. IYKWIM  

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3. Shots fired! We NEED answers

Got questions on firearms? Forensic ballistics got you covered. Thanks to computer-aided programs and other tools, experts can provide crucial information in solving the crime. You can, too. Learn about firearm identification and everything ballistics when you hang around the crime lab. This is your shot! (Pun intended)

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4. Watch out for forged signatures and handwriting!

Forging signatures and documents aren’t just in TV dramas. It happens in real life, too. A crucial part of crime investigation is identifying and examining questionable documents. Would you be able to detect real from fake evidence? It takes a sharp eye and the right tools to do so. Practice your examining skills in the crime lab! Also, don’t forget your magnifying glass.

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5. Truth or dare but using a lie detector

We’re not going to ask if you’re good at lying. What we’ll tell you is catching people who are master liars is an integral part of the job. In the crime lab, you’ll learn the methods, techniques, and standard procedures of polygraph examination. This way you’ll be trained to catch a lie from a mile away.

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6. Everything is evidence… or not

There is no case without evidence. That’s where Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology experts come in. They help identify unknown substances found at a crime scene. Think explosives, DNA and blood samples! Is the evidence helpful to the case or not? Forensic chemists provide these kinds of leads to investigators. Learn how they do it in the crime lab!

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7. Wear your hat and play the detective

Put your skills to the test! Apply what you learned in the crime lab through a simulation. RMMC- Marbel has crime scene and interrogation rooms where students can re-enact an investigation. Cool stuff!

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Which of these things are you trying out first? We’re up for it all! Whether it’s in a crime lab or otherwise, students learn best in action. Get equipped with the right skills for the career you want. But first, choose the right course and school for you! It all starts from there. 

Let’s help you figure it out! Read more articles like this on our College Life blog section. If you’re interested in taking up Criminology or other related courses, check out RMMC- Marbel at Edukasyon.ph now!