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Most Sought After University Events and Festivals in Mindanao





Students are no stranger to these hashtags and feelings. With all the group projects, research papers, and exams that take up your time, you deserve to step back and relax once in a while.

If you’re studying in Mindanao or plan to travel to this region, here’s an inside scoop on the most awaited events and festivals organized by top Mindanao universities. Plan your school breaks or even your vacations around these fun and unique activities!

1. University of the Philippines Mindanao Deviance Day

Usually held between the last week of November and the first week of December, this event involves students, faculty and staff dressing up with their “not-so-everyday” attires; male students usually wear female clothes, while some students and teachers opt to wear sleeping gowns, costumes or formal wear. For the bold and the confident, some would barely wear anything! Another highlight of Deviance Day is the evening program which consists of pageants, talent shows, and a free concert.

2. University of Mindanao Film Festival

University of Mindanao’s Film Festival is the most awaited campus event that showcases student talents in videography, cinematography, and acting.  The student-led filmmaking exhibition revolves around yearly themed-productions, each telling different snippets of life through the storyteller’s eyes.

3. Ateneo de Davao University Fiesta

A massive celebration of history, faith and character, Ateneo de Davao University gathers students, faculty and staff to a week-long festival every mid-August. It starts with a university mass in all campuses followed by a colorful parade around the streets of McArthur Highway and Roxas Avenue. The rest of the week is jam packed with game shows, karaoke challenges, star search pageant, and song, dance and sports competitions. In the field of arts, there are essay writing and skit contests. Another highlight of the University Fiesta is seeing school administrators, even the university president himself, indulging in the boodle fight. Known for its community involvement, ADDU also opens its doors to marginalized children in the city where kids can enjoy booth games and food for free.

4. Philippine Women’s College Foundation Day

Philippine Women’s College of Davao knows how to have a good time especially when celebrating its institutional history and growth through their Foundation Day. A motorcade kicks off the event and is followed by dance competitions, fashion shows, art exhibitions and business forums from prominent alumni of the school. The event is usually held inside mall atriums so the general public can join the festivities.

5. Mindanao Polytechnic College Days

One of the most anticipated university-held events every February is the Mindanao Polytechnic College’s annual celebration of College Days. It is divided into two categories- socio-cultural events and literary completions. On the first day, vocal competitions, spelling contests, and quiz bees. The wildly popular Macho Gay contest always leave spectators breathless because of non-stop laughter. On its second day, hip hop and mass dance competitions as well as the search for Mr. and Ms. Likas completes the 2-day celebration.

6. University of the Philippines Mindanao Fiesta

UP Fiesta, a week-long festivity that encourages high school students from the region to visit the campus through guided tours, has been held annually since 2012. The reason for opening university doors specifically to younger students is to give them an idea of what’s in store for them should they decide to enroll in the university after graduation. Other fun activities include a beauty pageant, battle of bands, and other market and org fairs.

7. Xavier University Festival Days

The biggest and longest festival in Cagayan de Oro,  Xavier University’s Festival Days usually happen between the months of November and December. The fest brings together booths and game shows, a color fun run, hip hop contest, trivia nights and ends with a massive rave party. This event is open to the public, thus breaking the record for having almost 150,000 participants last year. Certainly an occasion both Mindanaoans and visitors would not want to miss!

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