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My Freshman Bucketlist

As freshmen begin a new chapter in their lives, it is important to not take these upcoming four years for granted. Instead, these should be maximized and enjoyed to the fullest. As an incoming freshman myself, I have pondered about what I want to do in college and what I want to get out of it. I encourage all freshmen to do the same! You can either make new lists every year or have one list that you constantly update throughout the four years in college.

1. Join an organization I’ve been meaning to take part in

I’ve got my eyes set on some organizations even before I had officially enrolled. Although the organizations may seem intimidating with the amount of work they do, I want to be able to take the leap and signup. There are several organizations in different schools, and I’m almost certain that you will find one that fits your skills and interests. However, if that’s not the case, you can always try to start your own organization! Who knows, it might be the next big thing!

2. Meet new people

Some people make a goal of meeting at least one person per day on their first semester at their university. For me, I’d like to meet new people and establish a set of friends whom I know I can genuinely trust and have fun with throughout college.

3. Expand my passion project

As I expand my social circle and my networks, I wish to expand my passion project as well. I run two organizations that center around community service and Sustainable Development Goals. I hope that throughout my four years in college, I’ll be able grow the organization and have so many new people involved on our initiatives!

4. Never miss a class

This is a goal that may sound so unattainable but I am committed to trying not to miss a class for this year— unless my health is at stake. Although we are given cuts, I think that I’ll truly be able to maximize my time at university if I learn as much as I can. Missing a class would mean missing information. It may even lead to harming my grades so I’ll definitely try to work on attending each class!

5. Attend at least one game day each year

Most universities hype up their sports team. Even if I’m not a sporty person, I am going to try to attend at least one game day each year, may it be football, basketball, or even swimming! It’s a good chance to showcase some school pride and bond with my friends!

6. Visit friends at different campuses

My high school friends are one of the most incredible people I have met. Although we’re headed to different paths, I do wish to stay in touch! Visiting at each other’s campuses is a great way to catch up! They can even give me a tour and a glimpse of what happens in their campus.

7. Volunteer

I’ve been engaging myself in community service for as long as I can remember. In college, I want to be able to continue to allot some of my time out of my busy schedule to volunteer at a local shelter or orphanage. Volunteering allows me to ground myself despite the many difficulties I may encounter throughout the school year. If you’re interested in volunteering, there are several organisations such as Girl Up Philippines, Cribs, and PAWS that are looking for dedicated individuals!

8. Organize a school event

Aside from joining an organization in my university, I wish to be able to take part in an organizing committee for a school event. Event planning is something I truly enjoy. What better way to use my skills than serving the school?

9. Get in the Dean’s list

I’m not giving this goal a timeframe or a deadline like the other goals I mentioned above. Getting in the Dean’s List is something I want to achieve and I will make sure to strive for it. Crossed fingers that I’ll get there someday!

10. Figure out what I want to do after undergrad

I hope that by senior year, I have a clear path of what I wish to do. It will truly be a journey figuring this out, but I’m up for all of it! I know that as long as I continue to put myself out there and immerse myself in different activities, I’ll continue to grow as a student and as an individual. Eventually, I’ll be able to truly know what’s out there for me.

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