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#MyDreamSchool: Students Share What An Ideal College Is


Ever wondered why we’re so attracted to a certain school?

You know, getting all #kilig with just the thought of studying there, having major ~feels~ the moment you step on campus, feeling excited whenever you cheer for that school during intercollegiate games, or all of the above. IYKWIM!

As senior high school comes to a close, everyone starts talking about which course to take, and which college to attend. But have you really thought of what makes a school THE dream school?

Here are some of the top reasons students filed under the ultimate #DreamSchool checklist:



“It was also my high school friends’ dream school. We were already planning our college life together back in high school.” – Ayel, 21

“Most of my high school besties ay sa Manila papasok that time so gusto ko na malapit ako sa kanila para we can still have time for each other! #clingy” – Aya, 21

“My best friends and I took the same college entrance exams. We thought maybe we can all live under one roof— living independently and studying together like those in the movies!” – Denise, 23

Who says you and your BFFs have to part ways (and grow apart!!) after high school when you can journey through college together? #clingy. Since college will definitely be a sea full of new faces, it can be a good plan to be surrounded by your trusted amigos and amigas. That’s why, students often picture their dream schools with their best pals close at hand!! (read: roomie. goals. is. happening.)




“The environment feels homey!!!” – Ayel, 21

“It feels home. Parang love at first sight talaga.” – Aya, 21

“Super ganda ng school! Very Instagrammable” – Mikay, 20

“I heard about the school’s community and they were right. You’ll never feel alone or homesick!” – Meli, 23

There is no place like home, except for schools that might as well pass like one. As you spend the next four years (or so…) of your life in college, it’s just natural to make sure you feel comfortable and at home with the surroundings. After all, no one wants to go to school stuck with the idea of going home first thing in the morning. And if you’re #blessed with an IG-worthy campus? Brownie points!

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School Pride

“It has the best MBA in the world! Need I say more?” – Aci, 23

“It’s foreigner-friendly, and is mainly for women so women are so empowered!” – Mikay, 20

“Because it’s known to have top notch professors and excellent degree programs.” – Meli, 23

Nothing says school pride louder than a student answering with an alma mater every time a family member or friend asks which college he/she goes to… or when you finally changed schools on your social media accounts! #majorlifeupdate. It is human nature to want to be part of something worthwhile. A school which excels in its own field isn’t just something to brag about, but something that would encourage students to do their best in everything they do and contribute to its already prestigious reputation.

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Whether you have already locked your eyes on a prospective school or you’re still figuring things out, always remember that the best decision always comes from an informed mind. Ask around and take the time to plan! The ideal school for you will come around in its perfect time.  


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