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Myths About Accounting Students (And Why We Should Break Them)

Here are the things accounting students are tired of hearing.

Once you step into college, you will realize that acads and org life are just half of the fun (and your problems). You will find yourself dealing with random people and a lot of annoying misconceptions about coursesAccountancy, in particular.

While accounting students are knownor positively stereotypedto be smart, studious, and perfectionists, they can also be limited by these expectations.

You may often see them crunching numbers in a coffee shop or reading away in the library, but they can do other things too! They cannot be represented by just a single trait.

So let’s begin debunking myths about them.

Myth #1: They are kuripot.

Accounting students study how to maximize profit and minimize expenses. This explains their meager spending patterns. And no, it isn’t being kuripot. It’s called wise consumerism. This helps them save up for  expenses they will be needing for books, food, and an unlimited supply of coffee for all-nighters.

Myth #2: They are math wizards.

Sure, they solve problems for breakfast…lunch and dinner. But they aren’t trained to do mental math and recite their computations like a wonder kid! As future accounting professionals, they are expected to practice verification and accuracy in their work.

It’s also time for you to know that they deal with arithmetic problems, not algebra or trigonometry. Their quest is to know what to add, when to subtract, or divide numbers. There are no exact formulas and solutions to their problems. This makes them more of a warrior than a wizard.

Myth #3: They are non-creatives.

They can be creative students too! Some of them may not show interest toward creative expression, but it doesn’t mean all accounting students are incapable of being artistic.

Myth #4: They are boring.

When people look at accounting students, all they tend to see are thick glasses and straight faces. But there is more than meets the eye! There are accounting students who excel in sports. Some join pageants, science quiz bees, debates, and talent and art competitions. There are even accounting students who have become writers, illustrators, beauty queens, and doctors!

Perhaps you’ve unintentionally made these assumptions about accounting students out of curiosity or lack of awareness. This is a friendly reminder that accounting students can be skilled not just with numbers. What one learns in life isn’t only hinged with their college course. In fact, learning takes place inside and outside the classroom.