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On Shifting and Transferring: If There’s One Constant In College, It’s Change

It’s only a month or two before summer officially starts! Most of us can say it was definitely a great school year, though some may feel otherwise. College is what they call “the best four years of your life.” When it doesn’t feel like the case for you, don’t be afraid to admit it. There are indeed things that can be done to turn it around.

Why shift?

As you take more classes and experience new things in college, you definitely learn more about yourself. You begin to understand what you enjoy and what you don’t. If there’s one thing constant in college, it’s change. You are constantly changing as you take on this new adventure. Sometimes, you have to adjust as you go.

If you are happy with your current university but not your course, shifting may be the right choice for you! 

This means you will be changing your individual program of study. Shifting is not the easiest thing to do simply because different courses have different requirements. You might have to take extra classes during the summer or the next semester.

However, that’s totally okay! If it takes a little bit of work to get to where you want to be, so be it!

Why transfer?

On the other hand, transferring is not the most common option out there. Maybe the school is just not right for you. Whether it’s the campus, environment, or the course, something is just missing.

Transferring colleges is a great option if you’re certain that the school where you are now is not the school where you want to spend the rest of the “best four years of your life.”

Tips for shifting and transferring

If you are currently a rising freshman who has not started university, give your school a chance.

Some people are set on shifting or transferring without giving their current situation a chance. Maybe your school isn’t on the top list of universities. But maybe that shouldn’t matter so much. Give your school a chance and explore as many activities as you can! You never really know what the program has to offer, so you might be surprised! At the end of the day, it’s not the school that makes the person but the person that makes the school.

Don’t take it lightly.

Once you’ve decided, don’t take the shifting or transferring process lightly. It’s just as difficult, if not more than, your college admissions process.

Consult with academic advisors. Talk to your professors. Get as much advice as you can. Juggling college applications while taking on a college workload will be tough. You have to keep up with all your classes while putting your best foot forward. Colleges want to see how you perform in a college setting so make sure to keep your grades strong!

Do what you can in your current school.

It’s important to still cherish your school days no matter how much you dislike your course or school. Freshman year only happens once so make sure to make the most of it. Whether through joining new clubs, hanging out with friends, or simply just going to class, enjoy each moment still!

This process of shifting and transferring is not easy. However, deciding to do so is the first big step that you will definitely not regret.

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